Quantum Leadership Workshop in Marbella

by Cristina Alonso
(Marbella, Spain)

Quantum Leadership is a practical worshop about how to apply the principles of quantum physiscs in our everyday life in order to become conscious creators of our own life.

Sometimes we fell that life flows, that we only need to want something for it to show up in our path, as if everything was synchronised in our favour.

Other times, however, it seems that we have lost our way, that we have to fight against all odds to achieve the smallest thing, that we have lost our power and are at the mercy of others' wishes. We then give up and believe that it could not possibly be any other way, that there's nothing we can do about it.

But... What if nothing happens by chance? What if it was possible to connect to the highest vision of yourself and then create from that place the most fulfilling life ever imagined, effortlessly, simply by desiring it?

Thanks to the research in quantum physics, we now know that the observer has an effect on what is being observed. Our expectations of how reality is, influence the way reality presents itself to us. We are in fact continuously participating in altering and creating the underlying fabric of reality through our intention and observation. This means that the way we choose to observe and relate to the world is an incredibly powerful tool, which can make things much worse or much better depending on how it is used.

Paradoxically, whatever beliefs you have about how the world is and what is possible for you, are exactly what determines what unfolds before you.

In this workshop, we give a short introduction to quantum physics and the process of creation from an energetic perspective. We will work with the energy of the Earth to break any blocks that prevent us from accessing this energy. Through meditations and practical exercises we will learn how to consciously use the creative power of the human being.

We will focus on the setting of specific goals.
Once we identify what it is that we long to manifest in our lives, we will work with our fears, beliefs and energy blocks that stand on our way. And in order to do that, we are going to sail the waters of the subconscious, because what we don't face consciously, we suffer unconsciously.

Part of you might be perfectly happy to get excited about the vision, but another part may be even more committed to making sure it never happens. The extent to which we don't have what we want is the extent to which we are resisting it. So, if we aren’t getting what we say we want, something inside must feel that there would be something wrong with having it.

We will listen to our hidden truths and give them voice, and we will make use of the different vibrations that we as humans are able to produce in order to clear the obstacles that stop us from achieving our goals. Shifting to prosperity consciousness is always about saying it, feeling it and being it, by letting your actions and the actions of the universe align to the same vibration.

We will explore different techniques and will use several tools that you can take home and practise every day, so that each one of your days will be a new conscious creation in alignment with your highest vision...

About the facilitator:

Cristina Alonso has a Bachelor's degree in Biology and International Relations, as well as a Masters in Business Administration. She started her professional career as a consultant for the European Commission. Later she worked for over 12 years in investment banking, where she held different positions as vice president of one of the largest international banks in various countries. In 2004, she discovered her healing and clairvoyant abilities and decided to develop them further. She graduated from The Brennan School of Healing in Miami, the Psychoenergetics School, and has followed further training in altered states of consciousness at the Monroe Institute and Clairvision School among others. In 2007 she stopped her banking job and started a private practice, where she assists her clients in creating the life they dream of and guides them in their healing process. Cristina is convinced that we are powerful creators and that it is out of pleasure that we manifest the life we desire with our effortless intention.

Where: In Marbella, at "La Concha Wellness", next to La Cañada
When: 3-6 October 2013
info: cristina.alquimia@gmail.com

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