Puppet show at Malaga Picasso Museum

courtesy of lespaidelprincipal.blogspot.com

courtesy of lespaidelprincipal.blogspot.com

The kids will love the puppet show "Circ-Cabaret Armando Risotto" at Malaga Picasso Museum taking place November 28th 2010 at 12:00pm. This one hour show is part of the museum´s Children at the Picasso program.

Armando Risotto is a sensitive and sweet eighty-year-old gentleman who is passionate about cooking and still works as a ring worker, ringmaster, and anything else that he can find. To give his variety show a unique touch, he has decided to present it as if it were a menu of a great banquet.

The artistes who parade around the ring are exactly the right elements for this special theatre menu. The quick motorcyclist, the cheeky singer-songwriter; the mysterious magician who is good at almost everything; the silky voice of the beautiful, the silky voice of the sensual female singer, the twirling of the trapeeze artist and, just like in the olden days, a brief pause in the show the circus cabaret director most looks forward to: the traditional Ham Raffle!

This show is recommended for children aged 6 years and up.

Tickets are only 4? and can be purchased online at www.generaltickets.es or by calling +902 360 295.

The Auditorium box-office is open one hour before the performance.

Malaga Picasso Museum
Palacio de Buenavista
c/ San Agustín, 8
29015 Málaga

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