Planning to live in Marbella for the 2015/2016 school year

In order to prepare for this year I will be traveling to Marbella Spain mid November to look at schools and find housing options. I also need to determine how to find a car and finally need to know some of the legal guidelines about living in Spain for 1 year regarding visas, taxes, etc

Also, do you have any suggestions for where to stay while we are getting to know the area?

Thank you,

Sara Bowen

Currently live in Ohio, USA. Have two kids - 9 and 11 years old a boy and a girl.

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Oct 21, 2015
Moving to marbella
by: Anonymous

Hi there I moved here from Canada last year. There are many ok schools but none unfortunately are of the same standards as what you would get in English or North American private schools. However if you are looking for strong academics then E I C is very good. I like Mayfair academy for its small class sizes. They are all around the same price it's really just what fits your family. Some schools are all showey so please don't be taken in by the cars parked outside.
As far as cars go do you Spain have the best rates around for as little as 58 euros a month in the of season plus insurance. If you book on your credit card they may cover the excess somyounjust need to put down a deposit which is fully refundable when you return the car.
If you need any help once you are here I can be reached on 693 106 366.

Good luck

Oct 23, 2014
by: Anonymous

We have the perfect 2 bed 2 bath Appartment in Guadalmina to rent from Nov 5th to January 5 th..if interested please email brendabuckley
Regards B.

Sep 05, 2014
Welcome (soon) to Marbella!
by: Marbella Family

Hello Sara,

Sounds like exciting times ahead! I recommend you check the following link for Schools as it is a great overview of what is in Marbella today:

As for registration services (car, etc.), I recommend Gestoria Peral Cabello (English-speaking services):

I have personally worked with them for all of my local registration needs and found them to be very effective, friendly and reasonably priced.

I also suggest you like Marbella Family Fun on Facebook and sign up for the Weekly Newsletter.

All the best!

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