Pizarra Ruta de la Tapa

The Pizarra Ruta de la Tapa (Tapas Route) is held this year from October 10 to 12, 2014. This tapas festival is the chance for the village of Pizarra in Valle del Guadalhorce to promote its culture and give visitors a chance to taste this delicacy in various bars and restaurants for only 1.70 euro each.

Pizarra gives each visitor a map with a route to follow to try different tapas in participating restaurants, which will give you a stamp as your testimony for visiting their establishment.

Each bar and restaurant will compete for various prizes for the best tapa, the most original tapa, and the best service.

Pizarra is approximately a 45 minute drive from Marbella into the Guadalhorce Valley.

For more information contact:

Ruta de La Tapa
Camino De La Estación, 1
Pizarra, Málaga

Tel: +34 952 48 30 15

Fax: +34 952 48 35 74

Website: www.pizarra.es

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