Photo Competition ADANA fundraising event

by Roxy
(Virtus Business Centre )

Photo Competition ADANA fundraising event

Photo Competition ADANA fundraising event

Photo Competition ADANA fundraising event until 11.12.2011

ADANA is having a photo competition and there will be 12 winners, each getting their photo put in the ADANA 2012 Calendar. The first prize winner will also get their photo on the cover of the calendar and get a free calendar. We are asking all entrants to pay 5.50 euros and submit a favourite photo that they've taken of an animal - a dog, a cat, a bird, even a two-toed sloth or any other type of animal they wish. And don't forget to add a good caption for the photo - this will be an important part of the competition.

Voting on the photos will be by the public by means of a Facebook "Like" button (if you don't have a Facebook account you can still vote by email). The 12 photos with the most votes will be the winners. In the event of a tie, the final decision will be made by the competition judges.

Entries are being accepted now and the competition will be open for entries until 11 December but get your entries in earlier so that your photo can get seen and voted for by as many people as possible.

The voting will be closed on 11 December in order to give us time to get the calendar printing done by the time the winners are announced at the ADANA Christmas Fair at the Palacio de Congresos, Estepona on 18 December 2011.

Roxy at Virtus Business Centre has come up with the idea of running a photo competition for ADANA (Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals), thanks to ADANA websmaster Helen Ellis the competition is now live on the ADANA website (

If you'd like to enter a photo into our competition, go to the ADANA website and click the Donate button to make the requested donation of 5.50 euros and you will then be sent to a page where you can send in your information and photo with caption.

Remember this is a initiative to raise money for the Adana, which holds nearly 200 dogs

For more information contact or through the ADANA website

A little bit about ADANA...

ADANA (Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals) is an animal charity on the Costa del Sol run by volunteers. Our aims are to provide facilities for the shelter and care of abandoned, sick and injured animals, to assist the local authorities with such animals and to promote understanding, respect and affection for animals.

We operate an animal shelter, on property owned by the local government and run by ADANA employees and volunteers.

We also operate a second hand shop in Estepona, and a stall at the Sunday market in Sabinillas, run by volunteers.

Animal Shelter opening hours are 10.30 to 13.30 Monday through Friday and 11.30 to 13.30 on weekends and holidays.

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