October is Dental Detox month at Oasis Dental Clinic

by Redline Company
(Nueva Andalucia, Spain)

Oasis Dental Clinic, Marbella offers new and existing clients a great incentive to ditch their old grey, amalgam fillings in favour of brand new white composite ones. Apart from looking a lot better, the new tooth-coloured fillings are also completely mercury free, which has always been a big health concern of the older amalgams.

For the month of October only Oasis Dental Clinic is offering a special Dental Detox deal: patients wishing to have 4 or more amalgam fillings replaced will be entitled to 20% off their bill, providing that the treatment is elective, that is, not due to decay or damage. Any x-rays deemed necessary will be free of charge. An initial comprehensive examination will be necessary.

Oasis Dental Clinic’s Dr. Nina King says, “The use of amalgam in dental fillings is already being controlled in countries such as Sweden and Germany and an increasing number of patients are opting to have their old fillings replaced with white composite. There is still much controversy as to whether the mercury content in old fillings presents any danger, but the added bonus of greatly improving their appearance has already persuaded many people to undergo a dental detox.”

There has never been a better time to ditch the metal.

Dr. King qualified in London and has spent almost 13 years working and teaching in UK including practising privately in the West End.
She completed her post graduate studies at Guy's Dental Hospital and is one of a select few to be recognised on the UK speciality list in her field of prosthodontics. The Oasis Dental clinic's professional team also includes Dr. Cohen who is a Uk recognised specialist in his field of endodontics, Dr. Byrn a Danish anaestheologist doctor who administers sedation as required and a multilingual receptionist and nurse.

Oasis Dental Clinic is based in Avenida Ricardo Soriano, Marbella. To find out more or to make an appointment contact Oasis Dental Clinic on +34 952 766 357, or visit http://www.oasisdentalmarbella.com.

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