Obrador Dulce & Salado Catering Cati Schiff

by Cati Schiff

Obrador Dulce & Salado in Fuengirola

Obrador Dulce & Salado in Fuengirola

Obrador Dulce & Salado Catering Cati Schiff

Literally translated, this is the Sweet & Savory Kitchen and Catering Company of Cati Shiff. Based in Fuengirola, Cati Schiff offers high-quality catering services, culinary workshops, and delicious custom-made desserts which can be designed for special events, restaurants and hotels.

What differentiates Cati Schiff from the myriad of other catering organisations on the Costa del Sol is their focus on high quality ingredients and service that is truly unprecedented in the region. Check their website, below, for regular updates on culinary workshops for kids and adults at their headquarters in Fuengirola.

Cati Schiff Catering offers:
• High quality catering for weddings, christenings, anniversaries, dinners, family parties, corporate events, theme parties and children's parties

• Regular workshops on exciting culinary styles including: Panamerican Cuisine, Summer Cooking, Pastry Cooking, Childrens Cooking Workshops

• An delicious assortment of pastries and sweets with a Central European influence, including elaborate cakes, cupcakes and cookies completely hand made

The company is well-established in a culinary boutique in Fuengirola, where you’ll find their daily products, enabling you to sample from an incredible assortment of delicacies daily. The boutique also has a professional kitchen where cooking workshops are regularly scheduled on exciting culinary styles.

The company welcomes your creative requirements and can prepare something special for you. Simply contact them via their elaborate website or by phone or email.

Other Workshops and Tastings
Cati Schiff Catering offers an amazing variety of scheduled workshops where amateur and professional chefs can share the culinary knowledge and expertise developed by the company.

Design workshops include preparation of: cakes, decorated cookies, cupcakes, children's workshops, chocolate, savory pastries, themed events (Christmas, Easter, Arabic pastry, etc.), traditional cuisine and many more.

Have an idea about a workshop? Let Cati know about it. They have been known to prepare workshops on bespoke topics!

Birthday Parties for Kids
Celebrate your child's birthday with a cupcake, cookie or mini-pizza decoration course! It's fun, engaging and the kids love making things for their family and friends. The birthday celebration also includes a full snack with sandwiches, drinks and a birthday cake.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: €18/child (maximum 10 children)

Celebrate your birthday with Cati Schiff in a different way!

Custom Cakes, Tarts and Pastries
Our cakes and sweets Central European influence, as the Texas almond pastry with apple, Black Forest, Charlotte Williams pear or Paris Brest with red fruits.
Dulce & Salado elaborate cakes, cupcakes and cookies completely custom craft, combining the art of creating exclusive designs to the taste of handmade pastries, always using high quality ingredients.

You’ll find that Cati Schiff is an organisation you can trust to deliver high-quality catering services for an event of any size, including family celebrations, corporate events, friendly gatherings as well as cocktails and dinner parties. They recommend contacting them at least 72 hours in advance to properly prepare for your special event.

Origins of Cati Schiff Catering
Catalina Schiff began her career with her family in the now defunct restaurant La Hacienda de Marbella - the first in Andalusia to receive a coveted Michelin Star.

As a pastry chef, she began her career in various well-known establishments in Spain and Europe, including: "Goyo" (Marbella 1982), "Pralus and Giraud" (France 1983-1984), "Escribá" (Barcelona 1985-86) "De Bailleul" (Belgium 1987) and "Oberlaa" (Austria 1988).

In 1989 she returned to "La Hacienda" where she completed her training in the kitchen with her father - Paul Schiff - and launched several new other business and professional projects, including: "Pastry Natalia" (Fuengirola 1990-92) and "La Hacienda Benazuza" (Sevilla 1992-94).

In 2012, Cati kicked off an ambitious business in Fuengirola: Obrador Dulce & Salado, which delivers high-quality European pastries, with training, advising and consulting services for restaurants and hotels, in addition to its broad-spectrum of catering for any event or occasion.

Summer Camp Cooking Workshops
Summer camp for children and adolescents "Tour of World Cuisines", perfect for children from 6 years of age and up. Adolescents from 11 years and up.

First Workshop, from 6 to July 10
Time: 10:30 to 13: 30
- Monday: France: sweet and savory pancakes and shortbread - - Tuesday: Italy: Lasagna and Focaccia with Provencal herbs - - - Wednesday: Spain: Eggs stuffed with tuna, stuffed chicken ham and cheese and fruit skewers
- Friday: US: + hamburger bun burger and Brownie Friday (ONLY TEEN): Italy: fresh pasta with Bolognese sauce and black olive focaccia

Second Workshop, from 13 to July 17
Time: 10:30 to 13: 30
Monday: France: puff pastry with apple pies, chocolate and palm Neapolitan
Tuesday: Italy: margarita pizza and tiramisu
Wednesday: Spain: Porra Antequera and chocolate custard
Thursday: (Holiday del Carmen)
Friday: (TEENS ONLY): East: sushi and dim sum steamed

Third Workshop from 20 to July 24
Time: 10:30 to 13:30
Monday: France: Croque Monsieur and stuffed Berlinas Mates: Italy: potato gnocchi and chocolate ice cream
Wednesday: Spain: Tuna pie and rice pudding
Thursday: USA : Making and decorating cupcakes
Friday: (TEENS ONLY): meatballs in almond sauce and omelette

Fourth workshop from 27 to July 31
Time: 10:30 to 13:30
Monday: France: Ratatouille and Tarte Tatin Mates: Italy: escalope Milanese and Pannacotta
Wednesday: Spain: Russian salad and bread
Friday: US: Cake pops and cookies Chocolate chip
Friday: (TEENS ONLY): Jasmine rice and chicken curry

Prices: €25/workshop if you come one day; €20 /workshop if you come between 2 and 3 days; €15/workshop if you come between 4 and 5 days

Obrador Dulce & Salado
C / Fuensanta, 2 (corner C / Maestra Angeles Aspiazu).
29640, Fuengirola.
Email: info@cateringcatischiff.com
Webmail: cateringcatischiff.com
Mobile: +34 673 73 42 43
Phone: +34 951 70 27 89

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Nov 17, 2015
Cake baking decorating classes
by: Galilea

Hello, I am interested in learning and attending classes for cake or cupcake baking and decorating with frosting and fondant., can you tell me if you have any classes?
Thank you

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