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Established in the area for over 25 years, Nordica is one of those companies that form the backbone of Marbella’s real estate business. While others came and went during good and bad times, Nordica remained a constant presence dedicated both to its trade and the area it is in, building up a name for good service and unrivalled expertise in its specialist area, Nueva Andalucía.

An example of a successful family business, Nordica is run by Peter and Anna-Lena Rosén, whose personal and professional dedication to Marbella is the company’s foundation. “For us this has always been a home, the place where we work, live and raise children, so our commitment to Marbella is not of a passing nature but permanent,” says Anna-Lena. As a result, their long-term reputation is dear to them.

Experts in Nueva Andalucia and Marbella property
with specialist divisions focusing on sales and both short and long-term rentals, Nordica has become known as the expert in the greater Nueva Andalucía area.

“We never wanted to be the biggest, but we do want to be able to provide an effective, efficient and friendly service. The worst thing is not to be able to look a former client in the eye, the best thing is when they become friends and tell everyone how good you are.” It is the kind of word of mouth that is particularly effective amongst Scandinavians, their home market, but also applies to many other nationalities that rent and buy through Nordica.

“Like any service industry it is hard work to ensure people are always satisfied, but we look after them so well that a lot of newly-arrived renters then instruct us to find them a property to buy.” It is a happy state of affairs built on many years of experience and an infrastructure that includes dedicated sales, rentals and maintenance teams headed by a great husband and wife partnership.
Tel: +34 952 811 552

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Aug 21, 2013
a question
by: yvette harsveldt

do you sell property in Ronda

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