Musical Puss In Boots - a great show for the kids - In Spanish

by Marbella Family

Saturday May 10th 2014

19:00 - 20:00

A show full of tenderness, fun and lot of magic to enjoy one of the greatest musical adventures of a fantastic character who will teach us the value of friendship and confidence in ourselves and in our own ingenuity. Show duration: 1 hour

Advance ticket sales at and at the offices of the Palacio de Congresos of Marbella (from 08.30-14.30 hours)
Auditorium B - central zone: €15.90
Audiorium A and C - side area good visibility: €12.72
Audiorium A and C - side area low visibility: €10.60

Calle José Meliá, 2
29602 Marbella
+ 34 952 82 82 44

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