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by Wendy Lucas

Wendy Lucas Massage Pro

Wendy Lucas Massage Pro

Massage Pro is owned and operated by Wendy Lucas, an American from Chicago, Illinois, who has lived in Europe for for over 20 years. She has treated both professional athletes and musicians (Annie Lennox, Paul Simon, Elvis the Concert, Nickelback, Beth Hart and David Byrne band, etc) as well as people from all walks of life.

Wendy is now based on the Costa del Sol since 2011. She was trained in professional Sports/Swedish massage 16 years ago in the Netherlands, and has been practicing the art of massage ever since. Wendy has a background in Sports Massage, Triggerpoint therapy, Chair massage, Compensatoire massage and Swedish/Classic massage.

Massage is the manual manipulation of soft tissue structures such as muscle and connective tissues of the body in order to ease stress, relax the muscles, aid in the healing process, lower the heart rate, aid in better circulation and enhance the functionality of the body. Various techniques are used such as kneading, stroking, vibration, friction, acupressure, deep tissue work, etc. Target areas are muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, skin, fascia, etc…

The reasons one may wish to have a massage can vary from just because it feels good to injury prevention, calming of the nervous system, enhancing one’s well being, pain relief, reducing anxiety and depression, temporarily reducing blood pressure and heart rate, aiding in the care of the skin, and many more!

Massage is just a great way to take care of your body, especially if you are doing any activities that cause stress to the muscles and other soft tissues/structures of the body. This would encompass everyone, from someone who is engaging in sports to a housewife who is doing her daily cleaning of her home or caring for her children. Musicians, athletes, housewives, office workers, professional drivers, plumbers, electricians, etc., can all benefit from massage.

Actually, you could say that everyone can benefit from massage. One of the best things about massage is that it is preventative care of the body. Having massage on a regular basis can aid in the prevention of many injuries and basic aches and pains of the body. This is especially important as we age and become more stiff and less mobile.

Massage can help keep us feeling good. Not only that, it helps keep us active and healthy until a ripe old age. If we don’t want to lose our ability to move, we have to move daily. Massage can help in this process.

Treat yourself to an hour completely to yourself and experience what it’s like to be treated by a professional, licensed sports massage therapist. You will feel the difference in your energy and how relaxed you are after a wonderful massage treatment.

You can contact Wendy for additional details and an appointment at her contact details, below.

Monday through Sunday 9am – 10pm.

Professional Sports Massage treatments are available in one of 3 ways:

1. At my home office in La Mairena, Elviria (address below)

• 1/2 hour: €30
• 1 hour: €40
• 1.5 hours: €55
• 2 hours: €80

2. At my treatment room at the Marbella Golf & Country Club
Address: Ctra de Cádiz, N-340 Km.188, 29604, Marbella Malaga

• 1/2 hour: €40
• 1 hour: €60
• 1.5 hours: €80
• 2 hours: €100

DIRECTIONS TO THE CLUB: Coming from Malaga on the N340, you will find the exit to Los Monteros just 4km before Marbella and Puerto Banús.
If you are coming from Marbella the same exit will bring you to the Marbella Golf Country Club in 5 minutes from the center of the town.
MAP Coordinates: 36.511361, -4.811497

3. At your home or choice of location. See pricing above for "home office" and add €15 for massages at your location within 15 kilometers of Elviria. For distances further than 15 kilometers call for reasonable pricing.

Gift Certificates are available upon request.

Wendy Lucas, Massage Pro
Address: Marbella Hill View, Miguel de Cervantes 1, Blque 2, Apt 3, Baja, La Mairena, Elviria
Tel: +34 952 852 330 or +34 634 310 821

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Oct 19, 2015
Massage by Wendy
by: catherine

i ve experienced the 2 hours massage with Wendy, at her house at la Mairena, and all i can tell is the two hours flied by beautifully! just what i needed to take a rest from my managerial job which requires lots of computer writing. I felt absolutely great after and it put me back on track! i ll be coming back, and i recommend a massage with Wendy.

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