Marketing expert in Marbella

by Lillie Elliott
(Marbella )

Type of role you are looking for:
I am actively looking for a full-time position in Marketing, and would be interested in any company or sector with vacancies.
I am moving to Marbella in September and would ideally like to get straight into employment.

What makes you a great candidate:
I am a committed individual with high independence, maturity and a genuine interest in meeting new people. New experiences encourage me to utilise current skills and develop existing knowledge to become an asset in anything I pursue. I have high aspirations for the future and always ensure that the quality and quantity of my work proves that I am willing to work hard to achieve my goals.

Previous experience:
I have over two years’ experience in PR relations and Marketing. I believe that over this time I have learned how to strengthen and utilise my skills to maximise success, therefore creating an overall increase in brand awareness and product sales. My drive to achieve and desire to constantly learn through new experiences means that I work extremely well with a varied audience through any form of communication.

I have always been imaginative, and I thrive off exploring new opportunities to ultimately
result in a mutual triumph for all parties involved. Working towards an objective - whether this is
promoting a brand, boosting profit sales or increasing recognition of events - pushes me to be ambitious and stay dedicated to make the end goal as successful as possible.

Not only have I been thoroughly educated in how to advertise quality merchandise through varied methods, I also feel like I have had the chance to showcase and discover the extent of my creative capability. As a young, enthusiastic individual, I am always looking for new, sometimes unorthodox ways, to give an original input into past and present strategies. At my current job, I have been responsible for numerous social media platforms, event marketing and advert production which I think has tailored me to be most optimum candidate.

Languages you speak:
Fluent English
Basic Spanish

Email address:

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Jun 06, 2020
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by: Marbella

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