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by Better Marbella

Increasingly dogs get snatched form cars, their leashes, gardens and parks. Dog owners need to protect themselves against this development. Against getting victimized again. We, dog owners, can do that by building a framework to hold thieves and the organisations behind them accountable. Who knows in doing so, we eventually get law changes to come about helping us to bring thieves to justice.

This is the first Stolen Dog Forum for dog owners in Marbella. Use it to connect by sharing the stories and photos so we can learn from each other and find patterns to get on the trail of those obviously wanting to make a few euros on the side at our expense.

However , to this forum, also and especially are invited those who have information but are too afraid to come forward in the natural.

And police officers, the Ayuntamiento, law makers and politicians:

They may want to post tips and ideas and warnings even?

Anything goes but when you post make sure to keep it a short clear description of your dog with a picture. Give as much information as possible on where it happened, what you did before it happened, how it could happen, and a description of the thieves. You may even have a picture of them! Post it! Include all characteristics like a crooked leg or very large nose. Also tell us about vehicles you noticed and possible others involved. Everything helps. But check for typos before you hit the send button. Messages too long and not proper English are not read. Also avoid accusing, swearing and name calling because Marbella Family Fun moderator will not post it: Read the rules carefully!

Go for it. Together we can get stronger, wiser and prepared. Together we can change Marbella for the better.

We need to. We have no choice.

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Aug 29, 2014
black pug
by: Marbella Family Fun

I am so sorry to hear about your missing black pug. We will help to get the word out to as many people as possible. Please keep us updated.

Aug 25, 2014
Stolen black pug
by: JK

Our black pug is still missing. We haven't given up looking for her. Feel so sad for her as she is probably being used at some puppy farm.
If anyone has any information pls call me on 00447775708284 or 691914778. She is 1yr and has a white patch on her chest.

Jun 03, 2014
Stolen black pug - please look out for her
by: Jk

Our beautiful black pug was stolen from our garden in Guadalmina Alta early on the evening of the 20th May. We are desperate to get her back, in any condition. She has a white patch on her chest.
€2000 for her return or information that leads to it.
Call - 0044 777 570 8284

Jul 25, 2013
To Christina Lara: plse update!
by: Anonymous

Any news re your dog?

May 08, 2013
if you see a link in a comment : copy and paste it!
by: Anonymous

To use the links psted : copy and paste them.

May 01, 2013
by: Christina Lara, Magistral Kennels

The 16-years-old Yorkshire "MOLLY" has been ruthlessly kidnapped from her owner's house when burglars broke in! Jo Sellers from Estepona (Malaga) had her since she was a puppy! Molly is ill and needs medical treatment, so we are desperately trying to find her!
By now the thieves must have realized that it's impossible to re-sell such an old Yorkie, and probably thrown her out in the streets.

PLEASE copy and SHARE this message with all your friends, vets and kennels from the area, and contact Jo Sellers on Facebook if you have any hint or helpful idea!

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