Marbella Mahjong Club

by Geeta Siersma

Hi and welcome to the Marbella Mahjong Club!

The Club is for people who want to learn and play together. Mahjong is an exciting and addictive game, but also stimulating. We welcome everybody, men and women; beginners and experts.

Chinese Mahjong (think “Joy Luck Club”) is a game, deeply ingrained in Asian culture, played by both men and women at all social gatherings. In fact, many scholars of Chinese history claim that Mahjong was actually created by Confucius in 500 B.C.

Mahjong is a unique turn-based game involving strategy and calculation, and a certain degree of chance but we insist on Mahjong being a challenging game of skill, not a game of luck!

The game is played by drawing and matching tiles in combinations that grant you the most points, and you must be as aware of your opponents’ (hidden) hands as your own.

In spite of being of Eastern origin, Mahjong is a game that translates into all languages. If a mental challenge is what you want, mahjong is definitely the game, for it was often called the "game of a hundred intelligences" simply because it required much concentration.

Are you a fan of bridge, gin, whisk and other card games? Then Mahjong is your game! Play for yourself! No partners to glare at you for wrong bidding or play!

We welcome everybody, men and women; beginners and experts.

We aim to meet every Friday. Visit us at or email for more information.

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May 12, 2022
Is the Mahjong group still active?
by: Anonymous

I'm a keen Mahjong player and tried to send an email to Geeta but email address wasn't found. Is this group not active anymore?

Jan 22, 2022
Mahjong Club
by: JP

Hi - I’m visiting Marbella for 2 months soon and wanted to check whether the Mahjong Club is still active and how to participate? Thank you

Jul 30, 2021
by: Donna Masters

Is the mahjong club still active? How do you get in contact with them?

Jul 22, 2021
by: Kathy Bishop

I am trying to get ahold of someone to find out if you are accepting new players, but the email address says there is a error.. My email is Thanks Kathy Bishop

May 31, 2019
by: Gwennie

Does anyone play mahjong using the NMJL cards??

Oct 07, 2016
by: gwen

Hi nI am moving to Marbella in the new year and I am an avid mahjong player. What card do you use? I have only used the american mahjong cards which I have to buy every year in January.

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