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Dear Single!

Are you gonna spend the holidays alone? Christmas and New Year's Eve are approaching fast. If you would like to spend these days with a partner and make a pleasant end of the year. If you would like the new year to bring real new opportunities, take this chance now and come to our quick date event on the 10th
of December 2012!

Discover that you also could have the right partner with you for
the holidays and so on!

Do you know the method?

The ladies and the gentlemen will be talking to each other for 3-3 minutes, then change partners. After talking to all women and
all men you will just sign on your cards with whom you willing to meet once again. From this moment no luck needed in the future.

Within 24 hours you will be informed if there is a lady / gentleman, whom you have mutual affection with.

You will receive each other's name and phone number / e-mail address so you can contact them and begin a real adventure of your lives!

Love is never knocking on the door, but when you open it, sooner or later arrives and enters through the open door into your life. Only you can not find a partner, if you keep your heart closed!

Give a chance to love!

Register the following quick dating event, scheduled for the 10th of December 2012 in Marbella area!

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Oct 30, 2012
Marbella - A quality of life to enjoy!
by: Ralf Michael

Marbella is one of the worldwide most desirable locations to live, well known for its beautiful year round climate and sandy beaches, friendly people and attractive lifestyle.

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