Looking for a tutor in economics

by Katerina

tutor in economics

tutor in economics

Looking for a QUALIFIED professor in economics.

I need between 5 - 6 h of economics classes for a specific topics such as : INTERNATIONAL TRADE, AGGREGATE SUPPLY AND DEMAND MODEL OUTLINE, BUSINESS CYCLE OUTLINE and related exercises for them! i have everything (theory and exercises) i just need an explanation.

Location you would prefer?: any location. thanks in advance. my email is agarkova606@gmail.com

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Sep 17, 2017
I am an Economics professor.
by: Steve Russell, Tutor Me This

Hello, my name is Steve Russell, and I am a highly qualified Economics professor and tutor. I have taught Economics at all levels — Secondary through to and including University.

In my last engagement with a home schooled Econ student, I taught the entire Cambridge A-Level (AS and A2) Economics two-year module in five months. We met twice a week, 100 total instruction-hours; that is, in less than half the time prescribed by English National Curriculum-based Schools. The student sat his exams for both years at the same time, four exams total, in Spring of 2017 and when results came in August 2017, he received a very solid "B" overall.

So, yes, I can do it easily.

My Qualifications:

BA (honors) in Economics and BA (honors) in Mathematics and Statistics (UK equivalent: Double 1st) from University of California.

MBA (Master's degree in Business Administration) from Stanford Graduate School of Business.

You can view my page here on Marbella Family Fun, or http://www.tutormethis.com, or call me on 666 506 646.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Steve Russell
Tutor Me this

Jul 18, 2017
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by: MarbellaFamilyFun.com

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