Light Up Within

by Jean Ann Rodrigues
(Marbella, Spain)

Light Up Within

Light Up Within

I am a holistic self-development coach, non-medical hypnotherapist and Satyananda yoga traveller. I specialize in inspiring individuals to connect to themselves and manage their lives effectively on a personal and career level.

I offer services to individuals, children and youth as well as parents. For children and youth I offer career guidance, study skills, managing stress and anxiety and performance success. For parents I host workshops based on improving your relationships with your kids through emotional intelligence. I also conduct brain profiles which helps individuals understand how their unique brain works and how to use it! For individuals looking to develop through coaching, I use a variety of profiles such as the Enneagram and use many tools to help you shift and achieve success on an emotional, mental and physical level. In the hypnosis space, I work in many areas such as pain, trauma, public speaking, stress and anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, weight loss, confidence, nail biting, phobias and more! In the yoga space, I have been working with my yoga master for 10 years and I am currently completing my 3 year yoga studies diploma. I provide you with the holistic approach of Satyananda yoga which caters for the whole person on a physical level, mental level, energetic level, emotional level and astral level. Branches that I explore include Hatha yoga, Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Mantra Yoga and more! The time is now to evolve!

I am different as my way of working is holistic so I work on a variety of levels to create deep sustainable change! I have recently conducted a research project in a school in South Africa where the focus was on including a coaching and yoga approach to help students develop awareness, decrease stress and achieve a perceived balance. The results were phenomenal and the research is currently in the publishing pipeline! I have worked in a variety of corporate companies such as Standard Bank, The Brenthurst Library and Diplomat Luggage where the focus was on work-life balance and improving the end result of the company by serving the individuals so that they can achieve their goals, set a bar for success and work according to their strengths!

On a hypnosis level, I have provided talks to schools and individuals interested in this process. I have worked one-on-one with many people who have seen fantastic results! Please look at my website for my testimonials!

Hours of operation: I work from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Friday and host a variety of workshops usually over the weekends. I am also happy to give talks and host particular workshops for groups of people, take the opportunity- I am hear to serve you!

Address: Los Arqueros, however I am happy to travel!

Telephone (Whatsapp/ Whatsapp call): +27825705726



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Jun 24, 2017
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