Laude School Calendar 2015 - 2016

Look at the Laude school calendar to discover which days the kids will be off for holidays including national and local dates.

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Autumn Term 

First day of school: 

Kindergarten/Foundation Stage 2: September 2

Year 1 - Year 6: September 3

Year 7 - Year 13: September 4

National holiday (Día de la Hispanidad): October 12 

Local holiday San Pedro de Alcantara Day (San Pedro Fair): 19 October

Half term: November 2 - 6 (inclusive) 

National holiday (Día de la Constitución & Feast of the Immaculate Conception): December 6 - 7 (inclusive)  

Last day of autumn term: December 18 

Christmas holiday: December 21 - January 6 (inclusive)

Spring Term

First day of spring term: January 7 

Half term: February 22 - 29 (inclusive)  

Last day of spring term: March 18

Easter holiday: March –21 -  April 1 inclusive

Summer Term

First day of summer term: April 4

National holiday (Labor Day): May 2

Last day of summer term: June 24

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