Larachi Flamenco festival 2010 in Malaga

Larachi Flamenco festival Malaga

Larachi Flamenco festival Malaga

The Larachí Flamenco festival 2010 will hold three performances in Malaga on November 4th, 11th and 18th at the Auditorio de la Diputación Provincial at 8:30pm.

Larachí Flamenco means flamenco night in caló (gypsy language) and is a festival which is celebrated annually in Seville and Paris and now for the first time in Málaga. This is a chance to share your admiration for flamenco with the citizens of Málaga.


Thursday November 4th - 20.30h
Dancing: "La Chica"
Singing: El Tremendo
Vocals: Inma "La Carbonera"
Guitar: Eduardo Trassierra
Percussion: Andrej Vujicic

Thursday November 11th - 20.30h
Dancing: Alejandro Rodríguez
Dancing: Encarnación López
Vocals: Inma "La Carbonera"
Guitar: Jesús Zarrías Estrada
Percussion: Rubén López

Thursday November 18th - 20.30h
Dancing: Luisa Palicio
Vocals: Juan Reina
Guitar: Pedro Sánchez

Auditorio de la Diputación Provincial
Avenida del Pacífico, 54

For tickets and information call 902 360 295 or 952 076 262 or go to the website

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