Know your breeds? The Appaloosa Horse

by Tracey J Parker

Not just a spotty horse

The Spanish are understandably very proud of their own stunning horse breeds. So much so that it was not until a few short decades ago that other breeds were permitted to enter the country. Unfortunately for my favourite breed that meant a lot of misconception was already rife, due to the lack of knowledge of other breeds. First, the Spaniards call horses that have pale skin and blue eyes Albinos. They are not. An albino horse does not actually exist. Second, they used the word "appaloosa" to denote anything with spots on it.

Appaloosa is a blood breed. The colours are a bonus! An Appaloosa can trace some of it's roots back to the Spanish horses who traveled with the conquistadors when discovering the americas, amongst other places. Their lines also come from quality arabs, asian tundra horses the likes of which took Ghengis Khan and his many men thousands of kilometers over mountains and plains, draft breeds, quarter horse and thoroughbred. The true Appaloosa is a breed who was designed to have the balanced conformation that would provide resistance, versatility and adaptability for the harsh life style and many battles it's breeders, the Nez Perce, had to endure. It was also bred for it's smarts, not just intelligence. Only when you know a true Appaloosa can you really understand this.

On the Costa del Sol, only a short trek (!) from Marbella, we breed Foundation Appaloosa's, who's lines we can trace back over 300 years. Horses of legend and myth, in todays modern world they are the Model T of the horse world. An Appaloosa can go anywhere and do anything and their balanced minds and conformation make them fun, easy keepers, that just don´t go wrong!

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May 03, 2016
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