Italian classes in Marbella?

Italian Lessons in Marbella

Italian Lessons in Marbella

Hello, My six year old daughter has been attending an Italian speaking school in Switzerland for the past two years, we are now back in Marbella and I do not want her to lose the language. Are there and groups or classes in Italian that she could attend?

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Sep 13, 2015
English-italian conversation exchange
by: Patitia

Hi, welcome to marbella.

We are an Italian-Spanish family and although our daugthers (6 And 4) speak fluent Italian, we would be very keen that They could meet And play with italian speaking that their Italian do not remain just used in their family context...let me know if you would be interested in organising a kind of play and/or Italian conversational group for then in case you don't find the classes you are looking for!


Sep 07, 2015
Italian Lessons
by: Marbella Family Fun


Thank you for contacting!

Although we don't know of any groups that speak Italian, we suggest you get in touch with Eva at Ristorante Fantasia. She is from Genoa and her husband is from Napoli and they have a daughter as well. Perhaps they can offer some advice as they have lived here for more than 15 years.

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