Interfamily Idiomas

by Irene Rubi
(Velez-Malaga (Malaga) Spain)

Interfamily Idiomas is an agency that helps students to learn and practice a language while living with a native family in Spain.

We offer the student the possibility to share a period of time living with a native family (English or Spanish) based in the South of Spain.

This is a good opportunity to learn a language in a different way, having fun, getting to know the culture of the native family and having an experiencie.

Interfamily Idiomas selects the native family according to the student needs (in case of children, we look for families with children of similar age). We also follow the satisfaction of both parts after the program.

We also offer the possibility to visit Spain in a different way. Share 6 days living with a Spanish family. They will show you the city. They will tell you what to visit and will take you to the best places that are not included in any tourist guide: the best bars, the best views, the best shopping… You will be part of their home and their life for a few days and you will see our life style. It is a great experience you won't ever forget. You will have a “personal guide” during your stay and a friendship forever.

Do you want to host students?

You are more than welcome to host students or visitors during a few weeks a year.
We don't accept everybody. We are very serious about hosting students. We need to offer the best conditions for them to practice and to be comfortable. Host families have to like talking to people and sharing their home for a period of time.

Students usually choose from 2 to 3 weeks of stay.
If you want to contact us, please, fill in the form and send it to us. If we think that your family meets the requirements we need, we will contact you again to organize a personal interview.

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