Inspired Tutoring

by Andrea Robson

Inspired Tutoring

Inspired Tutoring

Andrea Robson is a private tutor for children aged between 6- 12 years.

As a former Head of School, she is up to date with the demands and expectations of the new curriculum, and have successfully tutored children through the new SATS, gaining scores well above the expected 100 mark in Maths, Reading and Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation.

Many of her current clients struggle with maths in particular, lacking confidence and developing low self esteem because they are not in the "top maths set" or because they have fallen behind.

With other children, their parents want them to "get ahead" so they are easily able to exceed curriculum standards.

Andrea also work with the children so they can develop successful "learning habits" such as keeping calm under pressure in test situations, and checking their work - both skills which can make a big difference to their final score.

Andrea serves the Costa del Sol community between between La Cala and San Pedro, and also offers coaching services through her Inspired Learning programme.

Andrea Robson
Tel: +34 634 862 484


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Oct 13, 2016
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