In Transition 2012

The In Transition 2012 conference is coming to Marbella on the 27th of October. The conference will take place at the Palacio de Congresos from 11.00-22.00, featuring talks about the Transition Town concept from many high profile speakers. This non-profit event costs 10€ to attend. There will also be a market featuring products from and information about local transition projects which is open to all and free to attend.

The Transition Town movement is a campaign to create more sustainable communities which reduce their carbon footprint, are less reliant on fossil fuels and equip people with the skills to respond to the changing circumstances which diminishing fossil fuels will cause. It encourages people to think globally and act locally.

In Transition 2012 is a non profit event organised by Marbella Town Hall and Arboretum Marbella and aims to inspire local politicians and residents alike to create more sustainable communities.

It will bring together experts from Transition projects locally, nationally and internationally to share their successes and difficulties, offering practical solutions to creating more sustainable communities. It will be a reference point for sustainability in Southern Spain and inspire communities to implement this initiative, making a lasting difference to their local environment.

Director of Arboretum Marbella, Alejando César Orioli said “More and more people within Spain are concerned about the future and climate change. The conference will help to bring people together, share experiences and work together to create communities better able to deal with challenges ahead.”

The event will feature talks from a number of speakers from Transition communities around the world, including Rob Hopkins, co founder of the Transition Network and author of The Transition Handbook “From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience”. There will also be fun group sessions, encouraging discussion and debate on dealing with the current economic crisis through the Transition model. Rob Hopkins will deliver his speech in English but the rest of the speeches will be given in Spanish, so delegates require a good understanding of Spanish.

Entry to the conference costs €10 and tickets are now on sale at FNAC La Cañada, Marbella.

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