Ice skating classes in Benalmadena

by Nicole

I really want to start an ice skating class, the nearest ice rink to me is the one in benelmadena.

Do you know if they have weekly classes for children, how much, and what you will need? eg- what clothes? Own pair of ice skates? etc!

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Mar 10, 2014
clothes, etc
by: Cecilia

No sordidly clothes, just gloves mandatory, once I forgot my boy's corderoy pants and he went in with school pants...
Skates are loaned there, as well as helmets
It is great fun, and from mon-thurs you can stay and skate after the class for only 6€ ( I think)

The cafeteria is great, a place to recommend.
The only thing is that skating on Friday/sat/Sunday is pricey ( I think 14 or 16 €/ person, so for me with my two kids it was too much for two hours that they would stay.
Ask me more if you need.

Feb 13, 2014
Ice skating Costa del Sol
by: Zora

Yes, the ice skating rink in Benalmadena has classes for kids from 3 - 17 years old as well as adult classes from 18+.

Go to the Benalmadena ice skating rink website to find out all the details.

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