How To Help Your Kids With Their Homework

by Hillary

How to help kids with their homework

How to help kids with their homework

It seems like kids are being expected to do more and more homework, of constantly increasing difficulty, every single year. Naturally, they may sometimes ask you for a little help. But, if this is hard for you, have no fear! Surveys show that over 50% of parents struggle to help their elementary schoolers with homework.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this alone. We put together a list of tips and tricks that will help you make school a breeze for your child. They may take a little hard work and practice, but soon enough they’ll be cruising along!

Create A Routine

It’s important that you begin to highlight the importance of schoolwork while your child is very young. Creating a daily routine, such as a light snack followed by homework, will help them to feel calm and capable while approaching their academic work. This is an attitude and skill that they can maintain for the rest of their school career.

Make It Comfortable

Anyone who has ever worked from home knows how difficult it can be to concentrate! Make things just a little bit easier for them by creating a quiet place for them to study. The ideal spot includes a desk, a comfortable seat, and lots of light. Though this isn’t directly helping your kids, they will most certainly appreciate it!

Practice Good Study Skills

You are the best possible example for your children. So, set a good one by teaching them valuable study skills. For example you could show them how to make and use flash cards for their multiplication quizzes, or help them create practice worksheets before their spelling tests.

Don’t Take Over

No matter how much you may feel tempted, it’s incredibly important that you don’t do your child’s homework for him or her. This will stop them from learning to work independently, inhibit their creative growth, and stop them from becoming competent learners. Plus, we can almost guarantee that their teacher will notice. This will definitely NOT make you popular on parent-teacher conference night!

Be There For Them

While hovering around your studying child is probably not the best approach, being in the general vicinity is a great idea. Just having you around will help you be able to best support your son while he is struggling with math homework, or your daughter while she is frazzled over her history test tomorrow.

Get Some Help

Sometimes schoolwork is just hard! That’s why there is absolutely no shame in reaching out for help. Whether this means hiring a tutor or encouraging your student to ask for assistance from the teacher is up to you. No matter what you choose, know that most students require help at some point or another, so there’s no problem with this!

Helping your kids with homework can certainly be tough. But, by following our tips and having an open mind, you can make a serious impact on your children’s school careers.

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Best of luck!

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