Helping children in need

by Vincent & Zoriana

Children in Marbella and the rest of the world go hungry and I would like to take the opportunity to draw your attention to two initiatives, one local, one global, which will make a difference.


The local NGO, SER HUMANO feeds some 110 people every day a warm meal, (starter, main course and dessert) that otherwise would go without food. Seventy % of the users, as they are called, are families with children and no income, ten % are elderly people who receive a daily food delivery and the remaining 20% are homeless people who are not only fed a warm meal a day but can take a shower and wash and dry their cloths at their facility as well.

The current economic climate sees the numbers for users rising steadily and by the end of 2013, SER HUMANO will need to feed some 300 people every day a warm meal, and please remember half of them are children.

The menus are supervised by a nutritionist and the average cost for a three course meal is only 85 cents, not much, really, if you compare this to the price of a cup of coffee.

You can help in in different ways, all of them, I think, are equally valid.

Purchase food yourself and donate them to SER HUMANO, we can guide you as to priorities and pick up your donation when you receive your organic food order. This can include packaged and fresh food which is about to go out of date or something you just don’t fancy eating any more.

Pledge an amount of money and we shall supply SER HUMANO with organic food at cost price. You can use both our website and weekly excel sheet for this purpose, too.

Donate cash to SER HUMANO and they will use it according to their priorities.

For more details CLICK HERE to go to the Asociacion Ser Humano Marbella Facebook page.

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