Healthcare Advice and Birthing Hospitals?

by Ciara

Hi everyone

We've recently moved to Marbella and I really need to sort out healthcare for us all.
Myself and my husband both work for ourselves so are not employed by a Spanish employer or paying into the Spanish system.
My question is mainly around - if and when-I give birth to our second child. I had a complicated birth with my first which resulted in emergency c section. If back in the UK I have the option to have an elective c section and want to know if this is an option here? And if so is there an insurance provider best for this?
Also, I have heard very good things about Costa Del Sol hospital, particularly for these kind of births.
I was looking at Healthcare and have been told about DKV, however I believe you have to go to Qiueron through them to give birth?
I'm a bit confused as would I be better to get DKV for the basics from the insurance and then when it comes to it - would I be entitled to a section at CDS because we live here?
Or is there another provider- such as Sanitas - that could give us better options?
Sorry for all the questions and thanks very much in advance!!

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Jan 29, 2015
Advice on healthcare coverage
by: Marbella Family

We recommend contacting Op de Beeck & Worth regarding any questions you have on insurance coverage in Spain. They are an independent broker with more than 20 years of experience in the region.

They also work with numerous insurance companies so they can give you an objective opinion on your question - a very important one indeed!

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