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NUTRITION - THE KEY TO HEALTH! The Great Nutrition Company provides scientifically formulated products categorised as "nutraceuticals" aimed to assist, control and manage many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, candidiasis, metabolic syndrome X (obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolaemia, pre-diabetes), ADD/ ADHD and more.

Support for diabetics

The Great Nutrition Company with full Sanidad/AESAN approvals, brings high-end food science to Spain and Europe. There is no other product range on the market anywhere, which is absolutely sugar-free, in any form, and aspartame/saccharine/cyclamate free, as well as genuinely safe for diabetics. Thus, no other products exist, which can honestly claim the same standard or effectiveness as ours.

The key to these products is the profound understanding of sugar metabolism and the specific ENERGY requirements of each disease condition which our team of food scientists have. All Great Nutrition Company products are made using GMO-free, natural ingredients. Formulated to be taken as delicious shakes, each shake provides a perfect, nutritionally correct meal or snack and there is no need to consume any additional vitamin or mineral supplements.

The Great Nutrition Company based in Marbella offers a range of healthy lifestyle products for some of the most common and debilitating diseases and can be delivered to your own home no matter where you live. Many of their clients have experienced a radical change in lifestyle thanks to their products.


Is your bowel activity NORMAL?

Do you suffer from CANDIDA or excessive fatigue, bloating, constipation, vaginal thrush, severe PMT, body joint aches or skin irritation?

Are you Junk Food addicted or have constant sugar cravings?

Are you fighting a sweet tooth, but want to avoid aspartame, saccharine and other chemical sweeteners?

Are you trying to lose weight, but haven´t been very successful?


The formula 1 Assistance for Diabetics specifically addresses the serious problems common to diabetics - namely, "hypo" attacks especially overnight, low energy, potential blindness etc., by providing perfectly balanced nutrition taking into account the particular and different metabolic needs of the diabetic. Included in our formulations is MSM, which is critical in enabling absorption at the cellular level, of the nutrients provided (most products fail at this point, because the body is unable to make use of the nutrients that are being taken). Our products are so comprehensive it's the best news ever, particularly for diabetics.

Diabetics using Assistance for Diabetics daily, following the use protocol correctly, find that within seven days of starting their spot blood glucose readings drop. We aim to have users on 7 (126) daily and below, on waking, without dropping into the "hypo / coma" range.

Probably most important - and of most relevance to anyone treating diabetic patients - is that Formula 1 helps control blood sugar levels on a daily basis, while concomitantly repairing much of the tissue damage which has resulted from hyperglycemia and hyperinsulinemia. This is true for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics. Taking The Great Nutrition Company "Assistance for Diabetics", due to the way in which "energy" is supplied to the body by the product, also keeps the diabetic away from the metabolic crisis of Ketoacidosis, which is a potential fatal state.

Formula 1 does not cure diabetes, but most effectively helps to control and combat both short and long-term problems associated with the condition (including Candidiasis) whilst research for an official cure is awaited and anticipated worldwide. Interestingly, it is also perfectly suitable for non-diabetics too. The Great Nutrition Company has many clients (adults and children) using Formula 1, taking advantage of the sustained energy, which the shake provides for busy demanding lives.

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Support for diabetics

Is your bowel activity NORMAL?

The average person is 10g short of dietary fiber every day. The Great Nutrition Company recommends FORMULA 2, SOLSUFIBRE taken twice daily 30 minutes before the meal ensures optimum gastrointestinal function. It is NOT a laxative and is as effective in combating diarrhea as it is in relieving constipation.

Formula 2 SOLSUFIBRE is the simplest way to take in more dietary fiber.
• It stops hypoglycemic rebound
• Improves insulin sensitivity
• Reverses constipation and normalizes stool
• Stops diarrhea – the fiber holds water forming a gel, increasing viscosity in the digestive tract, which creates a firmer stool.
• Being a soluble, insoluble fiber, it prevents sugar transfer into the bloodstream
• It reduces blood sugar after meals (postprandial effect)
• It strongly binds and thereby controls blood cholesterol, as a disease entity.
• Alleviates hunger to support weight loss
• Does not interfere with mineral utilisation

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Do you suffer from CANDIDA or excessive fatigue, bloating, constipation, vaginal thrush, severe PMT, body joint aches or skin irritation?

The Great Nutrition Company recommends ASSISTANCE FOR CANDIDA, Formula 3, which is a natural, sugar free, milk free Soya Food that starves the Candida fungus while it feeds the "good" bacteria in the digestive tract. Candida Albicans is naturally present in the body. It is not an external invasion. Candida is actually not harmful at normal levels and in its yeast form.

The most immediate symptoms which impact one's life are, excessive fatigue, bowel related problems such as bloating and constipation, vaginal thrush, severe PMT (associated with depression and/ or aggression) body joint ache and skin irritation to mention a few. Conditions strongly associated with Candida are vaginal thrush, oral thrush, athletes foot and fungal infection of the toenail bed, unexplained mild fevers, repeated bacterial infections, severe PMT and a craving for sweet / yeast containing foods.

Adjunct therapies can be used to speed the recovery process, but our product taken correctly on its own, can help control and combat the problem of Candidiasis very successfully, thereby also reducing medical drug costs.

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Support for candida

Are you Junk Food addicted or have constant sugar cravings?

The Great Nutrition Company recommends LIFESTYLE ASSISTANCE - FORMULA 4. Specifically structured to cut overeating and junk food cravings (addiction), thereby rehabilitating nutritional wellness. This formula is able to negate the damage that poor diet and fast foods create in the body.

Lifestyle Assistance – Formula 4 is not a diet. A single dose stops the "demand" for food intake and restores a sound nutritional foundation through the nutrients in the formula. It is taken only when craving nutritional support, helping one change from a destructive eating lifestyle, bringing physical and mental stability in terms of food choices. Automatically, as one feels better about oneself, it becomes easier to control ones appetite and make good food choices.

This product from The Great Nutrition Company is aimed at pre-diabetics (Metabolic Syndrome X) and can help reverse the condition even stalling the development of full-blown Type 2 diabetes and degenerative heart disease.

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lifestyle assistance

Are you fighting a sweet tooth, but want to avoid aspartame, saccharine and other chemical sweeteners?

Probably the pivotal product is our safe sugar replacement, "Advantage" - which is both Halaal and Kosher. It is completely sugar free, which makes it entirely tooth safe. It is NOT metabolized by the body passing through unchanged. The sweetening ingredient is Acelsulphame K - normally 200 times sweeter than cane sugar, our formulation is bound with Maltodextrin, which reduces the perception of sweetness to approx 20x. This makes it palatable and usable both for liquids and for cooking and sprinkling on food and beverages. Acelsuphame K is a naturally occurring compound structurally similar to Vitamin B3.

All our formulae are sweetened using this compound "Advantage" – we never use cyclamates, nor saccharine nor aspartame, no conventional sugars nor fashionable sugars like Agave syrup or Stevia (which are = fructose!)

• Suitable for all Lifestyle diseases
• Suitable for Diabetics and Candida sufferers
• Ideal for the weight conscious
• Sprinkles easily
• No aftertaste
• Ideal for baking – temperatures up to 260C
• Dissolves immediately
• Perfect taste of sweetness
• Low cost advantages
• Contains no added or classic sugars
• Contains NO Aspartame and NO Saccharine

Delicious Advantage Formula 5 carrot cake recipe and cheesecake recipe.

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Advantage Sweetner

Are you trying to lose weight, but haven´t been very successful?

The Great Nutrition Company has a formula, which is the result of research by food scientists aiming to assist weight loss without the use of drugs or potentially harmful additives. This easy to prepare, delicious shake enhances vitality, providing low kilojoule sustained energy, whilst burning fat.

The features of our Sugar free, lactose and gluten free formulation are:
• Energy levels are great and no "hypo" attacks
• Can replace one to two meals per day
• Mixed with water - not milk of any kind
• Pre-biotic fiber prevents constipation whilst losing weight
• Pre-biotic fiber stimulates pro-biotic microbial growth in the gut
• Contains advanced L-Carnitine L-Tartrate for enhanced weight loss
• Maintains physiological and psychological confidence in the program
• Improves the general metabolism
• Raises the immune system
• Encourages cell regeneration and nutritional balance
• Gluten and milk free

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Assistance for slimming

The Great Nutrition Company products that are true natural solutions for health and are all composed of 100% natural and safe ingredients.

The products provided by the Great Nutrition Company are not intended to diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. Information and statements made are for educational purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your health-care professional.

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Testimonials: My name is Etienne. I am diabetic type 2 and have had a pretty tough time recently because the pills that I have been taking to assist in my blood sugar no longer were working for me. In fact, you may know the product well. It is a tablet that actually irritates ones pancreas so that it will produce insulin. Well for me, ten years of irritation on the pancreas was just too much, and I found that my blood sugar was TOTALLY uncontrolled, no matter how hard I tried keeping to my diet.

I simply needed to go on to the Insulin injection but what a problem it was to convince the State Clinic to allow that. Anyway, after some blood tests and a really obvious "diabetic foot", they eventually agreed to supply me with Human Insulin by injection.

I was examined by several State Clinic doctors, especially as the condition of my diabetic foot was worsening, and I recall the words of the specialist addressing the nursing sister, asking her to start with the arrangements for me to visit a surgeon with the aim on having an amputation of that foot. The thought horrified me.

Just about then my first delivery of THE GREAT NUTRITION COMPANY PRODUCTS arrived, including the safe sweetener ADVANTAGE. The clinic changed my medication and started me on insulin injections which meant more efficient absorbtion of sugars, but also placed me at risk of a diabetic low (hypoglyyceamia) occurring as a result. I started taking the "ASSISTANCE FOR DIABETES" as a meal replacement once a day and found that it was an energy booster also.

Before taking the shake I was sleeping from about noon until about 15h00 every day, but after having had the "ASSISTANCE FOR DIABETICS" shake for lunch, I was really revitalized and ready to go after about a half an hour… This stuff is great. It tastes really good and gives one a lift just when you need it most.

I do confess that I have been taking the "ASSISTANCE FOR DIABETES" as an energy booster, however because I am now so much more active, losing weight is an added bonus.

Thank you so much for helping me, because with this new zest for life, and the energy to keep up, I have found that I am able to keep a tighter control on my blood sugar, keep active and be a proper daddy to a very energetic three year old. I am now fifty years old, and with the help of the vitamins and minerals in the shake, I am able to keep up with my daughter, what with climbing onto everything, into and out of wardrobes, cupboards and kitchen sinks and the like. This was simply not possible three months ago. I could only walk with a walking stick, nursing a sore foot that my doctors planned on amputating, and sleeping my life away….

I have found in addition to the above that I am much more patient, emotionally stable without the mood swings I thought were normal and even my vision has improved because my blood sugar is under control.

You guys are super heroes, and you do not even know it. "ASSISTANCE FOR DIABETES" has made such a big difference in my life and in the lives of my family, that words cannot ever express our gratitude.

Kind Regards
Dr. Etienne L. R. (PhD. Th.)

Your product is absolutely the only product that has ever worked for me in almost 30 years.

Another use for FORMULA 1 : ITS FABULOUS AS THE PRE-OP MEAL !! My husband had to have surgery with the time unspecified with his last allowed meal 8am. I gave him a Formula 1 shake at 8am and by surgery at 6.30pm he was perfectly relaxed, NOT at all hungry (and for my husband thats not usual, he'll always hungry and grumpy if there's no food lol ) .

I don't know if you know, but the general outcome of surgery is much better if the patient is relaxed which is the reason for the valium pre-med ... anyway he was brilliant - even his surgeon was surprised how well he was the following day and well enough to be discharged to rest at home 14 hours after the surgery ! I am going to promote it in this catagory as well now, but probably with a label that is simply FORMULA 1 in case people think they can only use it if they are diabetic.

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