Generation Art

by Lorraine Vella

Creative Art. From walls to glass, wood to ceramic, inside to outside, we hand paint any fairy tale scene, or Disney character or even bespoke designs to suit you and your home. Generation Art brings simple beauty to life, whether in your child’s bedroom, your living room or even your garden.

There is nothing more precious than a child. What would you give to hold back the digital world just a little longer? To covet the innocence of a child as long as possible? With those thoughts in mind, Generation Art transform’s childrens’ bedrooms into Fairy Tale scenes, not only creating art on walls but creating peace and tranquility within the bedroom. To complete the experience we renovate and paint wooden treasure boxes complimenting the scene, creating a family heirloom – toy boxes to hand down to future generations.

Generation Art also adds beauty throughout the home. Designs of your choice can be transformed onto wooden boxes and ceramic art. Designs that would suit you and your home, giving it a unique but simply stunning look.

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