Finding a home for an abandoned puppy in Marbella area

It is been a week since I found in the area of Puerto Banus a sad, hungry and very submisive puppy. It all happenned when I was trying to park my car and a black and white puppy appeared from nowhere followed my car and waited for me to open the door.

She was so lovely that I thought that the owner should be around surely, however after a closer look once I opened the door I saw that she was very thin, dirty, full of ticks, and with very sad eyes who was trying to find someone to be with. ...

I already have two male dogs, one of them rescued, and even though I knew I was getting into trouble I decided to take her home with the hope to find someone who would love her as much as I did at first sight.... However to find a loving owner for Holly is being more difficult than I thought, and my problem is that I am going abroad next Sunday and have no one to left her...

Is there anyone out there who wants a great , loving, sweet, intelligent and beautiful puppy not older than 6 months , already trained?
I am refusing to take her to triple A , but I might not have any other choice...Please call me if you know anyone interested: Inma : 670335853 .

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Oct 07, 2011
Puppy found home?
by: Marbella Family

Has anyone given this puppy a new home yet?

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