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Leaving your little ones in the care of a babysitter can be a bit nerve-racking. Find A Babysitter Spain (FABS) can help to ease your worries.

All carers are native English speaking, CRB checked (that’s a police check) and experienced with children.

New to the coast and covering Marbella to Gibraltar, FABS will help you feel confident to go out for an evening with your partner, spend a quiet day shopping, or go and see a movie. Make it a holiday for the whole family by having some quality adult time too!

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Here’s a few tips to make things easier for your babysitter:

1. Contact details: Write down your contact telephone numbers and when you want to be called, such as when the baby cries or only if the toddler vomits or has a nightmare.

2. Children’s medications or treatments: Whether over the counter or a prescription, write down dosages and times with the child’s name on a note, along with the location of the medication or equipment, such as an asthma-related breathing treatment.

3. Food and drink instructions: When is snack time? What is not allowed? Are the children permitted sweets or soft drinks or just milk, etc?

4. Bathroom information: Can they go to the toilet by themselves? Do they wear pull-ups to bed? Nappy changes? Specific towels?

5. Allergies: Give specific directions, allergy symptoms and treatment, and reminders, e.g. cat allergy; or indications of an impending asthma attack.

6. Bedtime routine: E.g. television off by 9pm; only one bedtime story; drinks before bed, etc.

Find a Babysitter Spain will be launching after-school kids clubs from September!

Prices start at 25 euro per child per day for up to 4 hours care (Monday - Friday) and include school pick up, activities and snacks.

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