Festivals in Marbella and Mijas

Is there anywhere I can get a list with timings and dates of any festivals in Marbella and Mijas. There is so much information but no specific dates and times.

Many thanks

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Jan 30, 2011
Fairs and festivals on the Costa del Sol
by: Marbella Family

The big festival which takes place in any city in Spain is usually the "feria", or local fair. Because the fair is usually a week long event starting on a Monday and ending on a Sunday every year the dates change slightly. Generally, the one in Marbella takes place during the second week in June and the feria in Mijas is held on the second week in September. If you would like a list of the other fairs taking place on the Costa del Sol as well as a bit more information on what a "feria" is then take a look at our page on Ferias in Spain.

Other festivals organized by local town halls are published on the official city websites, where we usually take our information from. Unfortunately, they don´t publish exact dates until about a month in advance. I know, it´s very annoying. But you can roughly see what´s going on here:

Marbella official website
Mijas official website

Also, we have a list of popular festivals and events taking place in Marbella and the surrounding area which you may be interested in looking at.

Here is a list of some of the main holidays listed on the Mijas website. Again, some of the dates may change annually, so return to the official Mijas website regularly to find updates.

Mijas Festivals

Three Kings Day - January 5
Carnival - February 14
Semana Santa (Easter) - March 28 - April 4
Sardine Festival - May 1
Flower offering to Virgen de la Peña - June 2
San Juan Night - June 23
Corpus Cristi - May/June
Las Laguna Fair - June 30 - July 4
Popular University dance festival - July
International Festival of Mijas - June 11 - 13
Día del Carmen - July 16
Theater Festival - First week in August
Flamenco Festival - between July and August
Mijas fair - September 7 - 12
Tourism Day - September 15
Saint Teresa Festival - October 15 and 16
Romeria de Santa Teresa - October 17
National and International Food Festival - 2nd week in November
International Christmas Concert - December
Christmas Market - December 4 - 6

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