Eat Well at Home - Marbella

by Cecilia

Eat Well at Home - Marbella

Eat Well at Home - Marbella

Poor nutrition is almost a constant in our society, often we resort to fast food or pre-cooked to take us out of trouble, but we are slowly getting sick.

Because of that, born Eat Well at Home:

We prepare homemade food and vegetarian meals on request, daily.

Bio products used by orchards and farms in the area.

Our menu is simple tasty, varied and balanced.

The food is prepared on the day and taken to your home if you are in Marbella, or you can pick it up.

Ideal for people who do not have time for grocery shopping or for cooking; or just don't like to spend time in this matters.

Before beginning we make a questionnaire to enable us to develop the most appropriate course for your health, taking into account your age, physical condition, activity and preferences.

Prepared with love and dedication.

For more information about our services, please call +34 669 744 001 or send us an email to:

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Apr 05, 2011
Eat Well at Home Website
by: Cecilia

Hello, I would like to inform that Eat Well at Home´s Website is up and running.

Your are more than welcome to visit us, check the weekly menus, read interesting articles about nutrition, health care and try our recipes.
Also every comment, referral and "follows" are highly appreciated.

Welcome to Eat Well at Home



Mar 17, 2011
La importancia vital de la buena alimentación/ The importance of eating well
by: Paula

Gracias a los alimentos que comemos obtenemos energía y renovamos nuestras células, debemos por tanto ser conscientes de lo que colocamos en nuestra mesa.

Para conseguir unos platos saludables, equilibrados y con un efecto positivo en nuestra salud, seria optimo entonces que estos sean de cultivo ecológico, libres de transgénicos, que el tiempo y temperatura de cocción sean los adecuados y que por supuesto el agua utilizada sea de optima calidad; es por todo esto que por mucho tiempo quería encontrar a alguien que hiciera del cocinar una filosofía ya que para mi entender la cocina debe suponer también un momento de placer!

Cecilia cocina con amor, con escogidos ingredientes y es así como consigue un sabor delicioso y unos platos bajos en grasas y calorías para cuidarnos sin renunciar a la buena mesa, ademas soy vegetariana y ha procurado preparar un menú equilibrado para cada dia de la semana...

¡Les invito a conocerla como persona y no dudaran en darle la maravillosa misión de alimentarles!!


Thanks to the food we eat we get energy and renew our cells, therefore we must be aware of what we put on our table.

To create healthy dishes and achieve a balanced and positive effect on our health, it would be optimal that our food is organically grown, GMO-free, and that the cooking time and temperature are adequate, and of course the water used is of optimal quality. This is why for so long I´ve wanted to find someone to do the cooking and have a philosophy that believing the kitchen should also be a moment of pleasure!

Cecilia cooks with love, with selected ingredients and that´s why she has delicious dishes low in fat and calories being careful not to give up good food, plus I am a vegetarian and she´s sought to prepare a balanced meal for each day of the week. ..

I welcome you to get to know her as a person and who you won´t be sorry that you´ve given her the wonderful task of feeding you!

Mar 07, 2011
Thanks Eat Well at Home..
by: Andy

Hi everyone,
I'm not normally place comment on forums and web pages, but in this case I will make an exception. I've been eating Cecilia's recepies since November and I recommend it to everyone.

I have no time or inclination to cook every day, or go to supermarket, so "Eat Well at Home" have solved this issue for me. Homemade food, tasty and very economical is delivered to my home every day, with a varied menu and very caring.

Needed a service like this in Marbella, for those who live alone or who simply do not cook, but love to eat well and health care.

Congratulations Eat Well at Home!

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