Congratulations to Aloha College IB Students

María Moreno Lima: 40 points

María Moreno Lima: 40 points

María Moreno Lima: 40 points
Fabienne-Louise Banghard: 42 points
Paula Osa: 40 points

Another set of outstanding IB results for students of Aloha College, including the three girls above whose scores place them in the top 2% of IB students in the world. The highest total a Diploma Programme student can be awarded is 45 points, while 24 points is the minimum to pass. Aloha College students have achieved an amazing average point score of 33.2 this academic year, enabling them to enter some of the best universities worldwide.

The school eagerly awaits its A Level results due shortly. Aloha College is one of a few schools in Spain offering their students a choice of both the IB and A Level Programme.

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