Compass Healthcare Guidance

by María Cecilia Tacchi
(Costa del Sol)

Dr Maria Cecilia Tacchi

Dr Maria Cecilia Tacchi

Welcome to the Spanish Healthcare System! are you confused?, I have to tell you I was, and here's the shocker: I AM A PHYSICIAN, yes, you heard correctly.

I am a physician that practised in the public and private healthcare system since 2007. I'm specialized in haematology and internal medicine.

And I had 2 children in the public system, in the hospital I was working in. And I came out of that experience mystified!!, I mean, in the morning I was head of the blood bank, yelling at other doctors (I like to yell..) for not doing things right, and in the afternoons, when I had my consultation, I was a "little nervous thing".
So after I had my second child, I asked myself, if I felt that way, how are other woman feeling?

I started researching the Patient advocacy field, that is huge in the USA, and also patient education or "empowerment". And I realized that I could help people, and do what I like at the same time.

These are the services that I provide:

Workshops: "Navigate the healthcare system...and get the best out of it": Learn how to advocate for yourself. If you wish to begin making sense of the healthcare maze, participate in your own care decisions, communicate better with your doctors, learn more about your diagnosis or treatment options, or help prevent medical errors.

Patient Advocacy Services: which include
Accompanying you to the appointment, Making sure you understand and that your doctor understands your concerns or preferences. Translating if needed

Helping with decision making, teaching you to weigh the different options and deciding which one you would be most comfortable with

Making a summary of your condition/s, medication/s and allergies for you to take in a thumb drive or paper in case of an emergency. (in Spanish and English)

Benefits for YOU:
A calm head by your side in times of crisis – less stress for you

Focusing only on your health, not in navigating the healthcare maze.

Someone with knowledge of the system with only YOUR interests as a priority

better decision making

Full understanding of your disease/diseases, and their consequences

No stress while having to recount your medical history as you’ll have it summarized in “medical jargon”, both in English and Spanish!

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