Choosing a hotel in Marbella

by Justyna Moneta
(Brussels, Belgium)

For my longer weekend between 23 and 27 of February, I'm hesitating between two hotels near and in Puerto Banus: Guadlapin Banus and Don Pepe - which is a bit out side the city. I would like to take this one which is a bit more new, offers better staying conditions - like swimming pool inside or well equipped gym. I also would like to be close to the centre of the Puerto Banus.

I already stayed in Kempinski hotel and taking a taxi to P.Banus is quite expensive for the distance between the Kempinski hotel and Marina. I've already check the Puenta Romana hotel - a bit too expansive for me.

The other question besides the advice on the hotel: I'm quite sportive person - good biker. Therefore I would like to know if there are a possibilities to rent mountain or tracking bike and have it for the 3 days of my staying?

Is the gym of Playa Del Duque accepting any two or three days guests in February?

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Jan 18, 2011
How to choose a hotel in Marbella
by: Marbella Family

You are absolutely right in your evaluation of the hotels. Kempinski is too far, Puento Romano is quite expensive and the Don Pepe is slightly out of the area you may want to be. My first recommendation to you would be the Guadalpin Hotel. It´s a 5 star hotel, but more like a 4 star. It has all the amenities and is very well located, but in some places you can tell it needs a bit of TLC. The Gualdpin Banus hotel does offer a great price for what you get, so I consider it good value. It is located right on the beach so you will be able to sunbathe, bike, walk, jog, etc. right out the front door. Puerto Banus is just a 10 minute walk from the hotel. The only negative about this hotel that you may want to consider is that lately we´ve seen some picketers protesting in front of the hotel. They are complaining that they have not had their salaries paid. I called the hotel and asked what the fuss was and if this would be a problem for your stay, but of course they said there is no problem. Just keep this in mind if you are going to book this hotel.

The Don Pepe is also a nice hotel. I don´t have much experience with it, but my friends mother-in-law from New York stayed there recently and said she was very satisfied. It is located further from Puerto Banus, but it is closer to Old Town Marbella, which is a charming part of town, however you will probably still need a car to get there. If you go there on bike, then it´s not far. I´d say about 10 minutes. There is a lovely boardwalk on the beach in front of the hotel, and I´m pretty sure you can ride bikes there, but confirm with the hotel, just in case.

I have a client on the website who has advertised bike rentals in Marbella. I´ve never tried them, but you can find their information here:

They seem to be located at the Casino Andalucia Plaza hotel, so I´m not sure how they would get the bikes to you from there. If you stay at the Guadalpin Banus, you could ride them to the hotel easily. I´d first ask each hotel if they rent out bikes themselves, as this may be easier.

Regarding the gym at Playas del Duque. Yes, you can use the gym for 20 euros a day. It is open Monday to Saturday (closed on Sunday).

If you are a strong biker and would like to bike through the mountains or on a more serious level I can give you the contact of my personal trainer who is really into that stuff. I´m not sure how much he charges, but you can ask him. He speaks English.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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