Chocolate-mmmaking Experience at the Mayan Monkey Mijas Chocolate Factory (a “mmmust in Mijas!")

by Eli McCarthy

This hands-on workshop is a super, fun-filled introduction to chocolate-making for both big and small kids alike.

Content is adjusted to age and interest levels: with very small children, the focus tends to be more on the tasting/wow aspect of chocolate, whereas with teenagers and adult participants, the workshop has a more informative slant (geography/history/science of cacao & chocolate).

All participants get to taste as they learn! Some of the fascinating topics covered are the origins and history of chocolate, the defining characteristics of premium quality chocolate, as well as the steps involved in its creation.

And all this happens as participants learn to make their own unique chocolate creations (using the factory´s state-of-the-art chocolate tempering technology). As a fledgling chocolatier, you learn how to mix, mould and vibrate chocolate and, by the end of the session, are taking home three bars of chocolate, designed by yourself! Customized labels are provided so the choccies can also become special gifts (for Xmas, birthdays, etc).

Workshop duration is 50 minutes, with a 1 hour wait whilst the chocolate sets and gets wrapped. Mijas has plenty of lovely walks, museums, restaurants, etc to while away the time.

The participation fee per person is 25€, which includes all chocolate made and tasted during the workshop.

The factory is open seven days a week, and workshops run daily. For advance booking, ust call or email the mmmonkeys at 951 052 772/ 600 088 542/

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Dec 11, 2012
mmmm magic!!
by: Avril

On Saturday we made our first trip to Mayan Monkey Chocolate factory in Mijas. We had pre-booked by telephone and as there were 6 of us, we had an exclusive workshop. When we arrived,everything was prepared and ready for us. Our "guide" was a lovely lady called Chanel who was very informative on the history and origins of chocolate from different parts of the world and we were able to taste very different samples to see which was our favourite. We were able to make 3 chocolate bars of our own. Using trays which could customise each bar adding such things as dried fruits like coconut, strawberry, kiwi, different nuts, choc chips and even chilli powder. You could chose milk or dark chocolate.

As you can imagine, some stuck to the tried and tested...others went a little more adventurous!

The workshop lasted about an hour. We then went off to explore Mijas and have lunch whilst our bars set.

A great day out and somewhere new to take visitors. Our age group ranged from 78 to 9 and everyone said what a great time they had. Cost is 25€ per person which includes all tasting and three bars of chocolate to take away. There is a small shop where you can buy various floured chocolate including ecological friendly.

A great present! Good fun!

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