Camelot Park La Canada Marbella


Camelot Park Marbella

Camelot Park Marbella

Get plenty of shopping done at La Cañada shopping center while you leave the kids to play at Camelot Park La Canada Marbella. This indoor playground located in the underground parking lot in La Cañada (next to the pet shop) also provides hours of fun with castles, karaoke, a wifi zone, cafeteria, entertainment and much more.

Price list

1 hour (Monday to Thursday) : 4 euros
1 hour (Friday to Sunday, holidays) : 5 euros

2 hours (Monday to Thursday) : 7 euros
2 hours (Friday to Sunday) : 9 euros

Unlimited amusement (Monday to Thursday) : 10 euros
Unlimited amusement (Friday to Sunday, holidays) : 13 euros

Birthday Parties

Camelot Park La Canada also is a great venue for birthday parties offering a full menu, party invitations, games, gift for birthday child and candy bag.


Arthur´s Menu: Sandwiches (ham, cheese, sausage, salami, turkey, paté, tuna, Nutella...)
Monday to Thursday: 10 euros
Friday to Sunday: 11 euros

Merlin´s Mennu: hot dogs
Monday to Thursday: 12 euros
Friday to Sunday: 13 euros

Camelot´s Menu: Pizzas (ham & cheese, 4 cheeses, pepperoni)
Monday to Thursday: 13 euros
Friday to Sunday: 14 euros


For more information call 952 764 766 or 669 378 764.
Address: Centro Comercial La Cañada
Carretera de Ojén

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Jul 14, 2018
by: Anonymous

Went there today and it looked closed for good.

Aug 03, 2017
great place for kids
by: vats

found them on the internet. was on holiday with a 6 year old. we had been to safari and the zoo's and the water park etc etc. wanted to stay local for our last day. we drove to the the la canada shopping centre. and we get to the place. seemed a little quiet and we thought it would be great for little one to play. And we were surprised ( pleasantly ) to see the place getting to fill up quickly. we stayed here for 2 hours or a little more as the my son didn't seen to get enough. the staff were great and the best part ( for me only ) was the beer. the glasses they were served in were super chilled to the extent where you would have little ice of beer if you left it for a few mins. great place great price. defo recommended if you fancy killing a couple of hours atleast n enjoy the chilled pint or two or three ...

Dec 18, 2010
Play area for kids while you shop
by: Marbella Family

I had my reservations about this place as I was walking up to it. I was in a dark parking lot in December and the fumes of the cars didn´t turn me on. Who would leave their kids underground (especially in summer) in a dark pit? However, I was pleasantly surprised as I walked inside. It was bright, seemed clean and the staff was pleasant as I asked a couple of questions. I just poked my head in and grabbed some information, so I really can´t judge the place, but based on my first impressions I´d certainly give it a go. There seemed plenty there to keep little ones occupied.

I´d like to hear some comments from those that have had an experience here.

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