Boot Camp Spain in Marbella and Iznajar

by Andrés Romero Carrasco

As the original fitness and weight loss holiday boot camp in Spain, Spain Fitness Boot Camp has become renowned throughout Europe as the experts in fast, effective and lasting results.

Our expertise has been acknowledged and praised by press and television throughout Europe as well as further afield and our guests return to us again and again. Our world renowned experts will guide you through the toughest week of your life. A week you will love. A week that will have long-lasting and life-changing results. You will leave us slimmer, fitter and more energised than ever before!

Other boot camps aim to pack you in but we deliberately keep our numbers low to ensure that you get the individual attention you deserve… and the results you want!. Unlike the traditional view of boot camps as painful and unpleasant, at Spain Fitness Boot Camp when you’re not working out the living is easy. Our luxurious homes, delicious meals and deep-tissues massages ensure that you’ll enjoy every minute of your free time…

Relax by the pool in the Spanish sunshine… enjoy a game of pool…wander through the olive groves… work out at the beach in Marbella... or simply enjoy the stunning views… .

We’ve been copied many times now but never bettered. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery- so to all the Spain Fitness Boot Camp imitators- Thank you, we’re very, very flattered!.
Why boot camp?

Because there are thousands of faddy diets out there, thousands of wonder exercises that promise you the world and never deliver.

Spain Fitness Boot Camp have designed a program that brings everything back to basics. This will be the hardest week of your life, physically and mentally. You’ll be pushed to your absolute limit, and challenged in ways you never even thought of.

By the end of your week at Boot Camp Spain you’ll be slimmer, fitter and bursting with energy! You’ll also have the knowledge that you can do anything you set your mind to. Our goal is to change how you think about exercise and nutrition, and show you how easily it can become part of your ordinary daily life, especially when the results are so extraordinary.

Why Boot Camp Spain?

Because we have an enviable history of extraordinary results.
Because you’ll benefit from the most knowledgeable trainers in the world.

Because you’ll eat delicious food and won’t go hungry.

Because we believe that whilst the workouts are tough, the living should be easy.

Because this week is all about you.

Because you owe it to yourself.

Because while it will be the toughest week of your life, you’ll enjoy it!

The Original and Luxury boot camps are based on the same methodology and discipline training, nutritional program, assisted by the same professionals, with the same treatment, care and level of requirements tailored to each person. The main difference is in comfort, and additional treatment options depending on the location of each Bootcamp.

The course at our Original Boot Camp Spain is an intensive, week long, residential fitness and weight-loss program that's been carefully designed to push you to and past your personal limits. But in just 7 days, you'll see stunning results

When you leave Boot Camp Spain you'll be slimmer (the norm is at least 1 dress size for the ladies and a trouser size for the gents), fitter, more relaxed and entirely de-stressed. Your confidence will be unshakeable and your self-esteem sky-high.

The toughest course you'll ever love.

This will be the hardest week of your life, physically and mentally. You'll be pushed to your absolute limit, and challenged in ways you never even thought of. But at the end, both your body and mind will be changed for the better. And you'll leave with not only a slimmer figure, but also the knowledge that can do anything you set your mind to.

Develop your personal power with military precision.

All the trainers at Original Boot Camp Spain are serving military personnel and highly qualified Physical Training Instructors (PTIs). They're the same men and woman who train our armed forces to the peak of physical fitness, and instill in them the mental ability to withstand any challenge.

Your week at Boot Camp Spain is a unique opportunity to benefit from their vast knowledge, learned the hard way throughout years of training different types of individuals in every terrain throughout the world. They understand how to get the most from you, and how to push you all the way to your personal goals and beyond.

Wake up to a better you, every day.

Your day at Boot Camp Spain will be packed full of activities.

And while you may be tired, you'll never be bored. That's because your schedule is broken into hourly activities to ensure a challenging variety. Along with breakfast, lunch, dinner and two healthy snacks, a typical day might include:
Physical Training
Circuit Training
Personal Time (siesta, swim,'s your choice)
Interval Training
Hill Walking
Pool Exercises

When you take a break, you'll know you've earned it.

Your personal time is your own, but we recommend you have an early night to ensure you have plenty of rest, so you're able to give your best effort the next day. Remember that 100% effort = 100% results...and that you can achieve anything, when you give it everything you have.

In your personal time you have plenty of things to explore at your leisure. You can wander through the olive groves, climb the hills, or just sit and enjoy the breath-taking views from every corner of the mill and the surrounding areas. The pool and grounds are available to you at all times, and there are plenty of board games and your favourite movies on DVD to help you relax.

You'll never want to stop. No really, you won't.

By the end of your week at Boot Camp Spain you'll be slimmer, fitter and bursting with energy!

Our goal is to change how you think about exercise, and show you how easily it can become part of your daily life, especially when the results are so extraordinary. Transform your body and your life at Boot Camp Spain
Our rooms are all en-suite and beautifully decorated. The style of our retreat is private and completely relaxed, allowing you to concentrate and focus on your time with us to ensure the maximum results.
We have a vast living room area with lots of areas with sofa's, comfy chairs and bean bags to relax on, there is also a pool table and satellite tv. Meals are taken either in our indoor dining room or the outdoor dining terrace depending the weather. On those rare occasions the rain or sun is too much we also have a beautiful indoor hall allowing for training to continue. At Spain Fitness Classic Boot Camp the workout is tough but the living is easy!.

7 nights luxury accommodation at our secluded boutique hotel
Initial private wellness consultationWelcome gift and individual nutritional consultation and personalised advice
Full use of the common areas and facilities, including the exterior pool.
Welcome night dinner
7 days full board healthy cleansing detox menu to include: breakfast, lunch and dinner plus healthy snacks, unlimited organic, herbal tea's and mineral water
Intensive world class training and all training equipment
Complimentary full-body massage
Arabic Baths trip
Transfers to/from Malaga airport
After care "at home" program & Spain Fitness Boot Camp membership with regular news and motivational tips, recipes etc... .

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