Blackshaw Art and Central Memorabilia

by Lee Blackshaw
(Nueva Andalucia, Spain)

www.Blackshaw-Art and

Lee Blackshaw moved to Marbella from England 8 years ago and became inspired by Contemporary Art. He often visited the Central London Art Scene Galleries and purchased the pieces on show for his own private collection.

When Alejandro Hermann invited Lee to share his Gallery in Neuva Andalucia Lee decided it was time to show the Marbella art enthusiasts what he had been viewing in private.

Lee is a varied collector, he likes to source, discover and support all the new and up and coming artists, scultors and Street painters and with his signed Memorabilia he creates individual ´works of art´ which have become greatly sort after collectors pieces. Lee is also a sculptor himself working under the name of Harry Black.

He is also a great Benefactor of good causes, Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice in Marbella, Rhys Daniels Trust, Children with Cancer, Esther Wish list, to name a few of the charities he has recently supported with his generous donations and benevolance.

Lee is planning many different exhibitions here in La Campanna to show many different artists, sculptors and painters and their inspirational work.

For more information go to www.Blackshaw-Art or

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Jan 29, 2015
Mr area
by: Anonymous

Lee Blackshaw, or Central Memorabilia are unknown to
UACC ... The claim is fraudulent ?

Jan 24, 2012
Blackshaw Art and Central Memorabilia
by: Anonymous

Blackshaw Art has contemporary pieces that normally one only sees in the Art galleries of London like the Marylyn Monroe limited edition 1967 stamped by Sunday B Morning, Andy Warhol, Nick Walker, d*face , faile to name a few and Central Memorabilia has the most amazing sizned memorabilia, from Muhamed Ali, the Clash, signed Football shirts from past to present players, Rugby, Golf, Musical and also sculptures. Its just an Aladdins Cave and a great idea for special presents. We are situated in the New Poligno in La Campanna, opposite the Belgium Bakery in the upstairs showroom of famous Spanish Artist Alejandro Hermann. Do come and see us.

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