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by Amanda

Bellaria Christmas log

Bellaria Christmas log

Ok, so let's go back to basics: what's Christmas all about? Family, friends, good times, celebrating and sharing. Getting together, laughing, eating, reminiscing, sleeping, eating some more and sleeping some more. Seeing happy faces, ok, perhaps a few stressed ones, but by the end overall contentment. Love, wishes, and hope.

What we most love about this time of year is the part we play in making your holidays so special. Decorating your table with our delicious Christmas Logs, giving a loved one a box of treats, arriving at friends or family with dessert in hand, leaving Mince Pies out for Santa Clause. Christmas with Bellaria is so sweet!

And the best thing about it is you get to enjoy it together. That's the bit we love, knowing that with Bellaria you'll be sharing (even though it may be a little hard at times!)

So this Christmas, aside from our favourites, we've prepared some festive treats for you:

The Bellaria Christmas Log: a delicate Genoise sponge filled with chestnut, chocolate or dulce de leche and covered with chocolate. Elegant, spectacular and VERY special.

Lemon, Ginger and Cranberry Mince Pies: perfect for after lunch, afternoon tea, a gift box or leaving out for Santa and his reindeers. That's one way to ensure he'll be back!

Decorated Cupcakes: very festive, in a variety of flavours and great for little ones.

We're already taking orders so cross dessert off the list, it's taken care of! And if you weren't sure what to give that person who has it all.... SORTED!

About Bellaria...
Cakes so moist they melt in your mouth. Ingredients so fresh you could have grown them yourself. Service so impeccable it reinstates the words customer service and punctuality in the Spanish dictionary. Bellaria has taken what's good and made it BRILLIANT.

Bellaria was created after years of dedication to both baking and desserts. Having completed training in the United Kingdom and developed it within an American market, Bellaria has taken traditional favourites and combined them with that special something only they know about. Influenced by French patissiere Eric Lanlard, Michelin star Gordon Ramsay, boy next door Nigel Slater and their very own undefined creativity, their cakes, muffins and biscuits are nothing short of incredible.

Currently supplying an extensive range of restaurants between Marbella, Puerto Banus, Cancelada and Benahavis, Bellaria caters not only to the hospitality sector but privates and events too. With such reasonable prices, you'll find you won't even have to wait for that special occasion to try them. A simple 'just because' will do.

For further information contact Bellaria:
Tel: +34 695 153 139

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Feb 26, 2012
Bellaria cafe in Marbella
by: Markian

Bellaria is a nice small cafe that recently opened. There is not a large menu but it is a good place to go on a Sunday morning to have a muffin or coffee outdoors.

The atmosphere and the service is very pleasant. When I went, I had a heated chocolate chip muffin; it was good but it didn't fill me up. I should've ordered more.

Feb 26, 2012
I like Bellaria
by: Kalina

Bellaria makes some great cakes like cheesecakes, carrot cakes, brownies, etc. My favorite is the cheesecake because there are some red fruit inside and it is really good.

They now have a cafe. It is nice and small, and the food is very good. You can go and have a simple breakfast or a small lunch but the desserts are the best. There isn't a lot of choices for breakfast and lunch but what they have is good.

They make some really good hot chocolates with either chocolate and mint, plain chocolate or chocolate and raspberry.

Jan 30, 2012
Very nice
by: Emmauelle

Thanks for this adress. We had good tea and very good cheesecake.

Jan 30, 2012
Bellaria cakes are amazing!
by: Montserrat

And it is out of this world...Its amazing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!

Jan 23, 2012
Opening hours of our new store
by: Bellaria

Bellaria will remain open and at your entire disposition six days of the week. For now.
The only day you'll find our doors closed is Tuesday. When we tire of hearing you banging at our beautiful door we'll reconsider opening every day.

We'll be waiting for you as of 09.30 am every Sunday through til18.30 pm. The rest of the week we'll be opening at 8 am til 18.30 pm. You can count on us for breakfast, light lunches, afternoon tea and whenever you consider a convenient time to enjoy the best cakes the Costa del Sol has to offer (and more!).

Don't forget everything we have to offer: Organic bread, artisan jams in an incredible selection of flavours, hand made cakes, muffins and croissants, hot and cold breakfasts, gourmet sandwiches, soup of the day, a huge selection of fresh teas, 100% Arabic coffee, hand made chocolates, Macarons de Paris, thick and creamy hot chocolate and love, lots of love!

Jan 19, 2012
We are now open!
by: Bellaria

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure I announce the grand opening of Bellaria in C/ El Azahar, Nueva Andalucia. Bellaria has opened their first shop!

Cakes, biscuits, cookies, muffins, cupcakes, special dietary requirements..... we have it all covered. The good news is that as well as all you know and might have tasted we will also be serving breakfast and light lunches. Organic bread, free range eggs, hot and cold breakfast, hand made jams, gourmet sandwiches, soup of the day.... and dessert, of course!

But wait a sec, because that's not all. We have an incredible selection of artisan treats which make perfect gifts or you can enjoy yourself. Jams, chocolates, giant lollipops, French Macarons and even dog biscuits (which we made ourselves!)

In our bakery you'll find a range of organic and wholegrain breads. Our fresh tea selection is more than ample and our 100% Arabic coffee is exquisite. And for you chocolate lovers.... Ohhhhh, our hot chocolate is to die for! So rich, so creamy.....

In the mood aren't you?

Don't torture yourself any longer, we're located on the West side of the Casino (H10 Andalucia Hotel), C/ El Azahar, Nueva Andalucia, just by Regina's Restaurant. We have Wi Fi, plenty of parking and extremely reasonable prices.

See you there!

Nov 10, 2011
Domingo Dulce / Sweet Sunday
by: Amanda

Ahhhhhh.... Sundays. Don't you just love Sundays? The perfect day to revel in your friends, your family, your food.... a day to enjoy. And that's exactly why we've decided to invite you to try our delicious cakes and have a glass (or two) of Cava, on us.
Yes, that's right. FREE. Because we feel like it, and that's that.
Room 101 opens it's doors to you as of 5 pm on Sunday 13th of November. So when you're done eating gather your friends and family and come on over for Bellaria dessert. We guarantee you'll find Room for it...

Room 101 is on the side of Plaza Antonio Banderas, Puerto Banus. In front of the taxi rank, next to Wok Away and opposite Banco de Andalucia. Here's a link with a map.
If you still don't know where you're going call 695 153 139 and we'll be happy to guide you. We'll be waiting!


Domingos.... como nos gustan los Domingos. Un día hecho para gozar de los amigos, la familia, la comida... un día para disfrutar. Y es exactamente por eso que hemos decidido invitaros a probar nuestras deliciosas tartas y tomar una (o dos) copitas de Cava totalmente GRATIS este Domingo.
Si, así es, porque nos da la gana ¡y ya esta!
Room 101 nos abre sus puertas a las 5 pm este Domingo 13 de Noviembre. Así que cuando terminéis de comer juntad a los amigos y/o la familia y venid a disfrutar de una selección de tartas Bellaria para el postre. Os aseguraremos que encontrareis sitio.....

Room 101 se encuentra en el lateral de la Plaza Antonio Banderas, Puerto Banus. En frente de la parada de taxis, al lado de Wok Away (y en frente del Banco de Andalucía). Aquí os dejamos un enlace con mapa

Si no os ubicáis llamad al 695 153 139 y os indicaremos exactamente como llegar ¡os esperamos!

Sep 20, 2011
Its okay...
by: Jenny

Quite nice, but i do like Cake Couture's cakes and cupcakes more, by far.

Nov 16, 2010
Worth cheating on the diet for!!
by: Susan

THE carrot cake....Delicious.....very light, not too sweet, perfect flavour, homebaked....BUT....very professionaly presented. Can't wait to cheat again! Well done Bellaria...quite unique!

Nov 15, 2010
Love Bellaria
by: Sarah

Amazingly good!!

Nov 14, 2010
the best
by: grace

It is the best Carrot Cake I have ever had! 100% fresh and natural ingredients make the cake so good, tasty and soft.

Great idea to take a cake as a present to a birthday, house worming party etc. Your friends will love it!
Very good customer service. LOVE IT! :)

Nov 14, 2010
The best carrot cake on the coast
by: Marbella Family

We had the pleasure to try out Bellaria´s carrot cake and the whole family absolutely loved it. It was extremely moist with the perfect balance of not too sweet and not too many nuts and the spices were on target. Just amazing. The icing was to die for and the presentation was lovely. Usually my daughter doesn´t like carrot cake too much, but she asked for seconds and thirds of this one. She´s converted!

I can´t wait to try out the brownies, Millionaire´s Shortbread and all the other treats Bellaria has to offer.

Nov 14, 2010
by: Simon Donovan

I love your millionaire shortbread. I'm coming back for more!!!

Nov 14, 2010
by: mercedes

eL MUFFIN que me regalaste tan amablemente, estaba absolutamente delicioso; blandito, húmedo en su ounto justi y no le faltaba ni le sobraba nada: PERFECTO. y tu pastel de zanahoria es de lo mejor que he probado en muchooooooooooo tiempo.

Enhorabuena por tus esfuerzos, sigue así que llegarás muy lejos.



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