Be careful with INSURANCE-MASTERS for car insurance!

by Stephane

Insurance Masters Marbella

Insurance Masters Marbella

Hi There,

Just wanted to share an expensive experience with the readers regarding Car insurance in Marbella.

I had a car insured with INSURANCE-MASTERS which is an insurance broker on the Golden Mile. My car was insured with them for two years and i had no incident. (so i cannot judge the quality of their compensation)

Looking to cut some insurance costs i asked them to quote me for a full-package-insurance including Housing and other vehicles.

During this review i found-out that Linea-Directa was much cheaper (40%) and had fully english speaking staff available 24/7.

I therefore sent a cancellation in due time through post to Zurich Insurance PLC, who used to send me regular notices, invoices and bill me directly on my bank account. (INSURANCE MASTERS was just an agent)

After a couple of months i receive a call from them asking to pay for the insurance claiming that them "Insurance Masters" had not received any notification.

I explained that i had sent the notification to the insurer but they claimed that i had to send the notification to them.
I asked them to send me the reference to any contract mentioning this procedure but received no answer.

I let you guess the rest of the story.... They have harassed me with claims and letters and forced me to pay for an insurance that they openly said was not valid anymore. (you should not pay for something not valid no??)

I thought about taking a good lawyer and protect my rights but thought that the lawyers expenses would not worth the fuss.

So be careful how you check-out with them and i don't envy those who have to deal with them after incidents....

Watch out!!!

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Jan 19, 2021
Excellent Insurance agents
by: Anonymous

I have had various insurance policies through Insurance Masters for more than 25 years for my car, medical, and home. I cannot fault them at all during this time and will continue to reccommend them.

Feb 14, 2019
Immaculate service
by: John Wilson

Dear readers,

I am a client of Insurance Masters for more than 10 years and what I read in Stephane´s article is totally embarrassing and does certainly not reflect the truth.
Throughout the years of dealing with Insurance Masters they have always tried to help
and assist with any insurance related problem I had.
I think Stephane simply wanted to harm the insurance agency´s reputation because he did not like the answer he received from them.
I personally would recommend Insurance Masters to anyone who is looking for profesional insurance advice and reliable service.

Nov 22, 2016
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Nov 22, 2016

Dear readers,

Thanks to one of many loyal customers that Insurance-Masters has got, we would like to state our point of view with regards to Stephane's review on our company.

The fact of the matter is that Stephane´s article is full of contradictions and false information.

First of all it is totally irrelevant if the cancellation letter was sent to the insurance company or to us as the agent – what counts is that it has to be done by respecting the legal cancellation period prior to the expiry date.

Stephane chose six-monthly installments and he simply applied for the immediate cancellation when he had only paid the first installment.

Based on Spanish law all insurance contracts are annual and Stephane simply wanted to interrupt the contract because he preferred a low cost policy from Linea Directa.

There was no harrasment neither from the insurance company that we represent nor from us, Stephane only had to fulfill his contract and then the policy could be cancelled.We are sure that Stephane would have tried to "protect his rights" by taking a lawyer but he then certainly found out that he would have lost the case.

Insurance Masters also would like to inform the readers that Stephane is the kind of customer who is only interested in low cost solutions and certainly not in service which is provided by our company for more than 20 years on the coast.We offered Stephane a free of charge inspection of his home in order to advise him professionally and to provide a bespoke home insurance quotation.

His reaction was that he even wanted to exclude standard covers and
compared the quote with low cost/low service providers.

As as conclusion of his false allegations we recommend our "competitors" to be careful with Stephane because he is only interested in low cost and does not respect the law.

Apr 06, 2015
Insurance companies in General
by: David Martos

I have had this issue with Maphre and Caser...they are all really picking when it comes to change company...the best thing to do is send them or any other insurance, telecommunications, etc company by registered post.

The best advise I can give you is you will always find cheaper, but the cheaper will never be as good as the more expensive. Insurance companies are like banks, nothing is for free.

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