Babysitting Marbella

by Kerry Jenkins
(Marbella, Spain)

Baby Sitting Service

Baby Sitting Service


By Kerry Jenkins

Babysitting Marbella is a babysitting service, which covers the coast from Fuengirola to Marbella.

Primarily the service is run by Kerry Jenkins, who is a professional and qualified nanny with over 20 yrs experience in childcare. Her experience covers all ages, from newborn babies to teenagers.

She is available for daytime and evening bookings. If she is already booked at the time you request, she will do her best to find you another suitable babysitter.

Prior to any booking, she would be happy to meet you to discuss your requirements in greater detail and to provide essential references.

Feel free to visit her website to view her CV and some of her many references.

Alternatively you can contact her via e-mail on, or her mobile +34 627 247 410.

Comments for Babysitting Marbella

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Nov 29, 2022
Kerry is amazing!
by: Mary & Chris

I was quite shocked to come across this review below, as Kerry has been looking after our two children over Easter and summer for the last 6 years that we have been coming to Marbella.
The kids absolutely adore her and are constantly asking when we will be going back to Spain so she can look after them. She is playful yet, firm with them and we think she's amazing!
I don't know what happened in this specific case, and I guess we all have bad days, but it doesn't sound anything like the Kerry we have come to know over these past years.

Jul 07, 2022
Awful Experience
by: Anonymous

Having had numerous phone calls, WhatsApps and correspondence with Kerry in the lead-up to our wedding day we thought our 6-month baby would be in good hands. We were hiring Kerry to be a helping hand on our big day with our daughter on-site and part of our celebration.

When she arrived mid-morning she seemed hassled and unaware of the plan for the day even though we had discussed and agreed thoroughly. Throughout the day things went from bad to worse. Our daughter is an extremely chilled smiley baby but on this day she was hysterical and constantly crying, we thought at first maybe it was the new face. However, she had not made strange with guests or relatives etc. some of whom tried to console her outside the church and again at the venue only to be told to ‘getaway. This continued all day with me or my husband running to console her whenever we could.

It all came to a head when I was making my way to the toilet and heard my daughter crying again, as I approached Kerry, she had her back to me and did not see me coming, what I witnessed made me sick to the pit of my stomach. She had her dangling on her hip and was telling her to ‘shut up I’m trying to get your food', I whipped her from her arms to walk away and asked her to please leave me while I find my husband. She followed, a little shook to have been caught and apologised for letting her fall as she thought she could sit up, fall, what fall? I had not witnessed a fall.

My heart broke at that moment. I believed I had hired a woman who with her years of experience would have been beyond capable of handling a happy, cheerful baby. Instead, we had hired a woman who from the start was unprepared, uncordial, and spent most of the day eating our canapés (even though we had meals planned for her), giving out and making guests feel uncomfortable and concerned. We have since learned guests witnessed her trying to feed cake to my daughter, who has only begun her weaning journey, for which we had supplied appropriate food for this stage in her life.

We paid Kerry the agreed fee for her services asking her to leave the premises, something I regret but we did not want a scene and wanted to enjoy the remainder of our day and evening. I would not usually leave a review but on this occasion, as her line of business involves children I could not let it slide.

I would not recommend Kerry or Babysitter Marbella to anyone. The worst service I have ever experienced.

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