April Fool's Day

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April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day

April Fools' Day is celebrated every year on 1 April by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. It is also known as the the day of the Holy Innocents. It is celebrated traditionally n France, Finland, Australia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, United Kingdom.

United Kingdom
In the UK, they shout "April fool!" at the recipient of their joke, who becomes the "April fool". Apparently person playing a joke after midday is the "April fool" themselves.
In England ‘fool’ is known by different names according to the part where it is celebrated. If you are fooled on this day you may be known as ‘noodle’, ‘gob’, ‘gobby’ or ‘noddy’

April Fools' Day was traditionally called 'Huntigowk Day'. The traditional prank is to ask someone to deliver a sealed message that supposedly requests help of some sort. In fact, the message reads "Dinna laugh, dinna smile. Hunt the gowk another mile." The recipient, upon reading it, will explain he can only help if he first contacts another person, and sends the victim to this next person with an identical message, with the same result.

In Ireland it was traditional to entrust the victim with an "important letter" to be given to a named person. That person would then ask the victim to take it to someone else, and so on. The letter when finally opened contained the words "send the fool further"

In Poland, "prima aprilis" is a day in which many jokes are told; various hoaxes are prepared by people, media ( and even public institutions. Serious activities are usually avoided. This conviction is so strong that the anti-Turkish alliance with Leopold I signed on 1 April 1683, was backdated to 31 March.

Nordic countries
Danes, Finns, Icelanders, Norwegians and Swedes celebrate April Fools' Day. Most news media outlets will publish exactly one false story on 1 April; for newspapers this will typically be a first-page article but not the top headline.

April fish
In Italy, France, Belgium, and French-speaking areas of Switzerland and Canada, 1 April tradition is often known as "April fish" (poissons d'avril in French or pesce d'aprile in Italian). This includes attempting to attach a paper fish to the victim's back without being noticed. Such fish feature prominently on many late 19th- to early 20th-century French April Fools' Day postcards.

Funny Jokes for the kids
Mash Potato Mix Up. Add some food colouring to your children’s mash potatoes.  They get a kick out of some purple or green mash potatoes.

The night before April Fools day put googely eyes on everything in the refrigerator.  The kids will open the refrigerator in the morning and be very surprised.

Toilet paper everything in their room while they are at school or if your real good you can do it while their sleeping.  If you don’t want to do the entire room toilet paper their beds or dresser.

Do the cereal change up.  Take two boxes of cereal and change the contents inside.  When they pour the cereal it will be different.

Weird Milk!  Add a couple of drops of food colouring in the milk.  When the kids go to use it, it will be green, blue pink or which ever color you use.
Mash Potato Mix Up- Add some food colouring to your children’s mash potatoes.  They get a kick out of some purple or green mash potatoes.

Rising Pancakes!  This one requires kids help. Add quick acting dry yeast to the pancake batter.  Have the kids help make the pancakes.  While they are cooking the pancakes will rise and get bigger and rise and get bigger.

This one is good for little boys.  Pour some baking soda in the toilet.  When your little guy goes to use the bathroom in the morning it will fuzz up.

Underwear line!  Safety pin 7-10 pairs of your child’s underwear.  Then put them back in their drawer.  When your child goes to get dressed in the morning and pulls one pair of underwear out the rest will follow.

Make a small hole in an apple.  Stick a gummy worm in it.  While your kids are eating the apple they will notice the wormy surprise.

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