Yoga for Families

by Susan

Yoga for Families

Yoga for Families

This week has been a busy week of private yoga classes…especially with families! It's summertime in Marbella and everyone is visiting on their family vacations.

Yoga is for everyone, children, grandparents, and everyone in between. It’s the perfect way to get everyone together for some fun, memorable experiences.

You might be wondering how they differ from regular yoga classes. Family yoga includes partner poses, laughter, playfulness and enjoying time together.

Family yoga classes can also be broken down into several sub-classes, such as:

-Mum and toddles yoga
- Yoga for teens
- Kids yoga
- Yoga for mothers and daughters
- Yoga for fathers and sons

So what are the benefits of family yoga?

- It Helps develops a healthy body image
- Promotes more healthy habits
- Develops strong bonds
- Opens up communication
- Builds confidence
- Helps manage emotions
- Creating special memories

So enjoy your family yoga this summer and if you would like to book a family yoga class while you're here in Marbella, contact us at

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