by Indre Coleman

The final rule of thumb with food is to look at the ingredients list, and if there is an ingredient that you can’t pronounce, it’s probably best not to make the purchase! For your convenience, the following is a short list of common ingredients that are probably best avoided: carrageenan, high fructose corn syrup, potassium and sodium benzoate, sucralose, aspartame, potassium sorbate, soy lecithin, polysorbate 80, canola oil, palm oil (perhaps even more for environmental reasons), MSG, BHA and BHT, propyl gallate, acesulfame-K, enriched wheat, and artificial colors. The list goes on and on. . .

The bottom line is that if you adopt a whole food, plant based diet, then you are well on your way to incredible health.

A way to improve from there is to take in foods which have the tendency to make your body’s pH alkaline rather than acidic. An acidic pH is, for all intents and purposes, something of a toxic state since an acidic pH provides the necessary preconditions for the manifestation of various diseases and ailments. There is a lot of easily accessible information on this subject with one of the best books being “Alkalize or Die.” And “Ph Miracle” by Dr Robert Young.

Even more toxins are found in consumer products and household goods. It is startling to realize that about 1 in 8 of all ingredients in consumer products are toxic or harmful: a list that includes plasticizers, degreasers, and surfacants. The David Suzuki Foundation is a great resource when it comes to knowing what to look out for when purchasing goods. In the following link they have provided a helpful list of 12 common toxins (some of which are also in our food) placed in beauty and cosmetic products: The Dirty Dozen.
About the Author: Indre Coleman

Born in Lithuania, Indre has spent years studying the impact of nutrition on health. In 2013 she founded Juices to Glow as a means for families to introduce healthy and nutritious cold-pressed juices into their diets as a source of vital nutrients to maintain an active healthy lifestyle. We'd like to thank Indre for taking the time to share her knowledge with us on the Marbella Family Nutrition Blog.


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Apr 20, 2018
Dr Robert Young is not a doctor and his theories and treatments are SCAM
by: Anonymous


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