Weather in Marbella

by Linda

I have just read in the news that parts of Marbella were flooded and some schools evacuated a few days ago. We are supposed to come for a holiday in 10 days. Is the situation back to normal or should we cancel the trip?

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Feb 20, 2010
Weather in Marbella
by: Marbella Family

The weather in Marbella has been warmer than usual and very wet in the past two months. On February 16, a particularly heavy downpour resulted in flash floods in a few parts of the city, particularly in San Pedro Alcantara. These occurrences were limited in scope and damages, but were big news in this region more accustomed to dry weather.

The situation in Marbella and on the Costa del Sol is completely normal and does not warrant any change in plans. The good weather should soon be back. Enjoy your holiday and don't forget your sun glasses!

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