WANTED: Sales Staff for Virtual Tour Company

by Scarlett Smits

Plush Media

Plush Media

We are looking for Photo Sales staff in all areas of the Costa del Sol for our rapidly growing company.

We are a company making Virtual tour photography for small businesses, and the job description is as follows:

You ask a small business to take a no obligation to buy virtual tour of their business using the iStar camera we provide (this camera is exclusive to our company in Spain).

After you have taken the images (this takes approx. 5 minutes per image, so 15 minutes for 3 shots) you come back the next day and show the business owner the images you have taken.
At this moment, the business owner has the opportunity to purchase the images from you for 60€ for the first image and 30€ for any image thereafter. (+TAX)

On average you will sell 3 images per business.

The commission you receive is as follows:
15€ for the first image sold and 10€ for any additional images (per business + TAX) so you could potentially make 35€ or more per business, and you should sell a minimum of 8 businesses per week. Some of our staff have actually sold a lot more than that a week, so it is up to you how much you would like to make!

Once the images are sold, our company together with the global company "Business Streetview" will upload the images to Google Maps. Once they are public on Google Maps (usually after 3 working days) the owner will receive an email from us with the links to their images and the embed codes.
They can use their images on their own web site and Facebook or other social media site, and you can up-sell to include a QR code of their virtual tour so they can add it to their paper and magazine advertisements.

We require you to be self employed or have the ability to invoice for the commissions you receive and we will give you all the tools for the job including an extensive training.

You will need to be able to speak Spanish and have a car or other means of transport.


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