Verdiales Festival in Malaga

Verdiales Festival in Malaga

Verdiales Festival in Malaga

The Verdiales Festival takes place every year on the outskirts of Malaga on December 28th from approximately 11:00am to 6:00pm. It is a competition of song and dance which is a must-see if you are in the area at this time.

The origins of the Verdiales is controversial, however it has its cultural beginnings many centuries ago from the peasants who lived in the outskirts of Malaga. Some say that the Verdiales has archaic pre-flamenco Moorish origins. The Verdiales style originated as a folk tradition, but has adopted the flamenco tradition of the region. What is definitely know is that Los Verdiales is an olive-growing region just north of Malaga.

The festival consists of 25 competitors, also known as "pandas" who perform upbeat folk songs and dances in the Verdiales style. You may recognize the participants of the festival in their traditional costume and headgear decorated with flowers, mirrors, bells, beads and colorful ribbons. Many types of instruments are used during the Verdiales Festival from tambourines to violins and castanets to guitars.

The pandas perform three types of Verdiales: Almogia, Montes and Comares. The songs and dances are performed on a stage and judged by a vote of cards. Sometimes you may run into some jam sessions while you are there, which may captivate you to stop, stare and take some photos.

To get to the festival, head get to the A7011 C3311 (MA413) road to Almogía. This is only a 15 minute drive from Malaga city center.

Verdiales location: Venta de San Cayetano
Address: Calle Junta de los Caminos, 2 - Puerto de la Torre
Phone: 952431942

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