Under 50% of parents in Fuengirola take their children for eye tests

by Georgina

Eye exams in Fuengirola

Eye exams in Fuengirola

In a survey conducted by Specsavers Opticas in Fuengirola to establish whether parents were taking their children to have their eyes tested, opticians were alarmed at the low incidence of those that were.

Opticians recommend a yearly eye test for children from three years old, yet the survey revealed that in Fuengirola only 42% of respondents with children between 6 and 12 years old had taken their children to have an eye test with an optician. This fact is even more surprising as 92% of the respondents felt that poor eye sight could affect their children’s performance at school.

Store Director of Specsavers Opticas in Fuengirola Amrik Sappal explains why eye tests are so important “Throughout our children’s early life parents should make sure that their eyes are healthy and that their vision is being corrected if required so they can thrive at school and lead a full life. Regular eye tests can detect problems with your vision and catch treatable conditions early, to protect your eyes and safeguard your vision. This is particularly important with children, as during the first 12 years of their lives, as much as 80% of learning is accomplished through vision, yet one out of every four children has an undetected vision problem that may inhibit their progress. This shows the crucial role that eye tests play in caring for our children’s health and why you should make sure their eyes are tested by a qualified optician every year.”

Signs that your child is having difficulty with their vision
As a parent, it can be difficult to spot if your child has a vision problem, as children have no way of knowing if what they see is any different from what others can see. Also, as very young children, they are not able to communicate what the problem is. If you are concerned that there may be a problem with your child’s eyes, there are a number of tell-tale signs you can look out for:

1. Sitting too close to the TV
2. Rubbing their eyes repeatedly
3. Complaining of headaches
4. Becoming reluctant to read or look at small pictures or objects
5. Being clumsy
6. Squinting
7. The eyes behaving oddly when tired e.g. turning inwards or crossing

To mark World Health Day on 7th April, book an eye test at your local optician and make sure your children’s eyes are healthy and performing well.

Specsavers Opticas are offering two glasses for the price of one on children’s glasses, visit www.specsavers.es to find your nearest store.

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